Apple battery 'fix' leaves users unsatisfied

As promised, Apple's released iOS 5.0.1, the update designed to fix the battery problems many users have been experiencing with the new iPhone 4S.

The UK voice of Siri is revealed

He could become as famous as the faceless man who used to greet us with the message "You've got mail."

T-Mobile warns of rocky 4th quarter

As the only major carrier without an iPhone offering and one that is exceedingly muddled due to the AT&T buyout uncertainty, T-Mobile has a rough road ahead.

Consumer Reports gives thumbs up to iPhone 4S

The group that had to retract its 'recommendation' for the iPhone 4 due to the whole antennagate debacle is now praising the iPhone 4S, though it has some gripes too.

Apple won't comment on Siri outage

"I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

Apple promises fix for iPhone 4S battery bug

Apple's confirmed that a series of iOS 5 bugs are causing battery problems for many iPhone 4Ss.

Siri comes to iPhone 4

Apple fans who have been slobbering over the amazing voice technology known as Siri but who don't have enough cash to upgrade their iPhone 4 can now rejoice.

Apple reportedly planning Siri-powered TV

Imagine a TV that is not only seamlessly controlled by your voice but also has a sharp wit and comments on your TV habits.

Sprint experiences iPhone 4S growing pains

Sprint is learning that stamping its name on the all powerful iPhone brand is not all fun and games.

Report: Steve Jobs had a hand in iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S may not be the last phone that was designed in part by Steve Jobs.

Users complain of discolored iPhone 4S screen

Do stop me if you've heard this one before... but customers are complaining that their shiny new iPhone 4Ss are suffering from a yellowish screen.

Siri is a big a** operation

What started out as a humble app on the App Store has turned into one of the biggest divisions at Apple.

Samsung sues to ban iPhone 4S in Japan, Australia

The unending legal war between Samsung and Apple continues with Samsung now trying to block all sales of the iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia.

Android owners don't want iPhone 4S

If you didn't already believe there was a huge divide between iPhone owners and Android owners, this survey has all the proof you need.

For iPhone 4S, pre-sales are staggering

As customers clamor to lock in their chance to get the newest and coolest gadget from Apple, we're looking at record-setting numbers.

Trade-in prices for iPhone 4 falling fast

Not that we didn't expect this, but the amount of money you'll get for your old iPhone 4 is dropping quickly ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Apple's iPhone 4S is screaming fast

Apple's upcoming iPhone 4S features a dual-core A5 CPU which clocks in at 800MHz and runs significantly faster than the iPhone 4. 

Pre-orders for iPhone 4S reach capacity

If you still want to be able to get an iPhone 4S on launch day, you better be on Sprint and be willing to pay for the 32 GB model.

Sprint confirms unlimited plans for iPhone

Sprint will be doing what other carriers before it seemed unable to once they started selling the iPhone - continue offering unlimited data plans.

Samsung spits on iPhone 4S with Galaxy S2

After Apple introduced the new iPhone, not only did Samsung sue in record time but now it's also blasting the phone's functionality itself.