Is Apple a victim of its own success?

Apple's difficulty in satisfying the massive demand for its iPhone 4 has reportedly prompted frustrated consumers to consider purchasing alternative smartphone models.

iPhone 4 users invited to join class action

They don't hang about these lawyers, not when there's money in the offing, and a California law firm is already looking for distraught iPhone 4 buyers.

It costs Apple $187.51 to make an iPhone 4

The metal and gadgetry that holds everything together in the iPhone 4 costs $187.51, roughly $20 more than the components of an iPhone 3GS.

Apple iPhone 4 antenna issue fix: $29

Apple admits to problems with the iPhone antenna and offers what is, effecively, a rubber band around the bezel to fix it.

iPhone 4 shot and killed by Navy SEAL

A retired Navy SEAL sniper has shot and killed an innocent iPhone 4 in cold blood at the Angeles Forest Range.

Thousands line-up for crappy reception

The Internets are abuzz with news of thousands of people camping out for new phones that have serious design flaws. This phenomenon is known as "I believe everything Geezer Mossberg says."

The REAL iPhone 4 teardown

UBM TechInsights has thoroughly torn down the long-awaited Apple iPhone 4 and identified all its key components, including a 3-axis digital gyroscope and accelerometer designed by ST Micro.

The iPhone Manifesto: A guide to 21st Century fanaticism

A specter is haunting the world — the specter of Apple. All the powers of the industry have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter:  Google and Microsoft, Palm and HP, Blackberry radicals and corporate police-spies.

Discolored screen, scratches on the back: anyone for an iPhone 4?

The awe-inspiring beauty of the new iPhone 4 is looking a little faded, with reports of yellow patches on the screen and an easily scratched casing.

Apple cancels some "successful" iPhone 4 pre-orders

After an extraordinary mess with last week's iPhone 4 pre-order system, some of the lucky users who were actually able to get an order in are now being told their order was canceled.

5 things people without an iPhone 4 can do

If you don't have one of Apple's golden tickets on pre-order you have other things you can do.

AT&T fails to cope with iPhone preorders

AT&T is struggling to handle the rush of customers for the new iPhone 4, and has found itself embroiled in yet another privacy scandal.

Motorola plans iPhone 4 killer by year-end

Motorola is reported to be readying a 2GHz smartphone for release by the end of the year.

Apple accused of false marketing over iPhone pixel claim

The president of DisplayMate Technologies has publicly challenged Apple's claim that the iPhone 4's resolution "exceeds" the human retina.

iPhone 4 shatters on impact

Thinking of buying a slick new iPhone 4? Well, try not to drop it - or you may end up with a shattered glass panel.

Analysts have high hopes for iPhone 4

A number of prominent analysts have predicted that Apple's new iPhone 4 will take the mobile market by storm.

Gizmodo not invited to WWDC keynote. Why, oh, why?

Maybe it's because they'd seen the future and they didn't feel like they were going to need shades.

Apple redefines mobile experience with iPhone 4

Apple has redefined the mobile experience with its next-gen iPhone 4. The sleek device - which is only 9.3mm thick - features a 960x640 display and an 800:1 contrast ratio.

Report: Next-gen Apple TV "based directly" on iPhone 4

Apple is reportedly prepping a next-gen TV which will be "based directly" on the iPhone 4 and carry a $99 price tag.