Droid X launches at the perfect time

Right after a class-action lawsuit hits its biggest competitor, the Droid X has been released to Verizon and electronics retailer stores today.

New iPod Touch to have iPhone 4 processor, no faulty antenna

Want the power of the iPhone 4 without the hassle of a faulty device that's at the center of a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit? The new iPod Touch could provide exactly what you need.

Apple to hold monumental iPhone press conference tomorrow

After more than a month of a litany of complaints, jokes, and serious legal complications swirling around the iPhone 4's antenna/reception glitch, Apple is hoping to nip the issue in the bud with a press conference tomorrow.

Microsoft snubs multitasking with Windows Phone 7

Is the lack of true multitasking in Windows Phone 7 a feature or a benefit? Well, we can probably rule out the latter, because even Apple's restrictive iOS 4 allows multiple programs to run simultaneously.

IPhone 4 antenna: the ticking $200 million/ week time bomb

As speculation picks up that an iPhone 4 recall is inevitable, analysts say that the fix could cost Apple upwards of a billion dollars, and the tab is only going to increase as new units are sold.

Is Apple Losing it?

The iPhone 4 problems, when it comes to new phones, are hardly new to Apple or to any vendor.  Yes the phones are crashing, yes the battery life of some suck (try the 4G Evo), and yes the antenna design was a really bad idea in hindsight.

Apple deletes negative forum posts

Apple has moved to suppress dissent over the iPhone 4 by deleting at least 6 critical forum threads.

Skype and Fring sever connection after legal threat

Mobile over internet developer Fring says it's being forced to end its four years of Skype interconnectivity following the threat of legal action from Skype.

Consumer Reports "cannot recommend" iPhone 4

Well, what a surprise! Consumer Reports says it can no longer recommend Apple's over-hyped iPhone 4 due to a defective antennae.

Fring enables cross-platform video calling on the iPhone 4

Are you unimpressed with Apple’s overly-hyped and rather restrictive FaceTime feature for the iPhone 4? 

Apple's iPhone 4 antenna bug may not be fixable

Although it promised that a firmware update would solve the so-called "grip of death," Apple has now admitted that the solution is not so simple, and in fact may not even be possible.

Apple iPhone 4: We Apparently Aren’t that Stupid – 5 Apple Rules

There is a running dialog across a number of analysts that seems to circulate around the idea that Apple is doing an experiment on how gullible, or stupid, people are.    

Best Buy employee fired for mocking iPhone fans

A Missouri Best Buy employee has been suspended and is expected to be fired because of a video he posted to Youtube mocking iPhone fans.

Apple says iPhone 4 reception is the "best"

Apple has issued an official statement rebuffing claims that its popular iPhone 4 shipped with a faulty antenna design.

The iPhone 4 Glass Busted

The iPhone 4 was released into the wild, only to find itself amidst a host of avid fans and critics. Maybe it doesn't matter that it had problems. Maybe that's part of the plan.

Verizon disses iPhone 4 antenna

Verizon knows how to run a successful "attack ad" campaign. Its commercials that blasted AT&T's fractional 3G coverage area hit big, and now it's poking fun at the whole iPhone 4 antenna problem.

Steve Jobs emails were faked, says Apple

Steve Jobs is known for being a prolific emailer, but it seems he's not quite as prolific as some people have been making out.

Steve Jobs tells angry iPhone 4 owner to "relax"

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly told an agitated iPhone 4 owner to stop worrying about poor reception and "relax."

IPhone 4 lawsuits pop up: let the games begin!

Despite Apple's strong attempts to just sweep this issue under the rug, a handful of class-action lawsuits have already been filed over the widely publicized iPhone 4 reception issues.

Apple says NO to free iPhone 4 bumpers

Apple has reportedly instructed its representatives to avoid "appeasing" frustrated customers with free bumpers.