Hackers liberate Apple iPhone 4 from AT&T

Dev Team hackers have released a long-awaited unlock for Apple's iPhone that allows the device to be used with carriers other than AT&T.

New app makes iPhone jailbreaking easy as pie

If you're an iPhone owner and you hear all this great stuff about "jailbreaking" your phone but have no idea how to actually do it, there's a new app that makes it quite easy, and for the first time it can be done without connecting to an external computer.

Geezer Fanboi Mossberg: iPhone 4 is wicked cool

Unabashed Apple fanboi Walt Mossberg has opined - perhaps unbelievably so - that the iPhone 4 remains the "best device" in its class.

Blaming it on Apple, 57% of consumers will never buy an iPhone 4

A new study shows that consumers have an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the iPhone 4's "Antennagate" debacle, likely moreover because of Apple's bewildering apathetic response to the problem than the actual problem itself.

Samsung gives Galaxy S phones to those who renounced iPhone

In the latest twist of the guerrilla marketing warfare over the iPhone 4's reception problems, Samsung has begun shipping out free phones to people who posted negative messages about the iPhone 4 on their Twitter account.

AT&T pledges to improve iPhone 4 data transfer rates

AT&T is attempting to placate irate iPhone 4 owners by pledging to fix a software defect responsible for slowing data transfer rates.

Apple nearly quadruples iPhone 4 international markets

Beginning this Friday, the iPhone 4 will officially be available in 17 more countries in addition to the 5 that have already received the device.

Apple becomes a bigger crybaby, attacks Droid X

Apparently Apple still needs to feel better about itself after its iPhone 4 press conference earlier this month, as it is now seemingly on a mission to belittle every other smartphone on the market.

Fixing antenna in white iPhone 4: will Apple admit failure?

Some are suggesting that the real reason behind the delay of Apple's iPhone 4 is because the company is looking at ways to tweak the phone's antenna. But wouldn't that mean Apple is admitting fault?

Want a free case for your faulty iPhone 4? There's an app for that!

Making good on its promise last week, Apple is now beginning to accept orders for free iPhone 4 bumper cases, but you have to submit them through an app on your iPhone 4.

Apple pushes back white iPhone release, again

Don't think this means Apple is going to fix the antennas with the white iPhone, or that Apple is racist, but it has yet again delayed the availability of the white iPhone.

Samsung not too pleased with Steve Jobs' comments

Once again, Steve Jobs is coming under fire for deflecting the iPhone 4 antenna problems by attacking other companies' phones.

Apple's Antennagate marks the end of an era

Whether or not Steve Jobs intentionally deceived, inveigled and obfuscated is irrelevant. Antennagate - in all its embarrassing and over-hyped glory - clearly marks the end of a golden era for Apple.

RIM, HTC say Steve Jobs is full of it

If Apple CEO Steve Jobs thought other phone companies would just sit idly by while he attacked them during Friday's press conference, he's got another thing coming.

iPhone customers stay away in droves

Two-thirds of iPhone owners are holding off upgrading to the iPhone 4 because of the device's antenna problems.

Why can't Steve Jobs apologize?

There is a problem with the iPhone 4. It is not something that somebody just made up. So even though Apple has reversed its very strict policies on no free bumper cases and no restocking fee waiver, somehow Steve Jobs was still able to present himself as superior to everyone else and that any problems anyone had weren't his fault.

Arrogant Apple offers iPhone 4 bumper bribe

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is attempting to appease frustrated iPhone 4 owners by bribing them with free bumpers.

Android's latest phones also have "death grip"

One of Apple's many talking points to the whole Antenna-gate issue is that this is a problem with all smartphones. Before the iPhone 4 antenna issues make the entire world implode, perhaps it is worth exploring that statement.

Facetime video chat coming to camera-equipped iPad, iPod Touch

With the potential sweeping recall dominating iPhone 4 news, the good features on the phone are getting overlooked, like the Wi-Fi video chat app Facetime. Now, that app is coming to the next generation of iPad and iPod Touch.

Senator calls on Apple to fix iPhones for free

With Apple planning a press conference today to discuss the iPhone 4's reception problems, there's not much time left to jump in and castigate the company.