White iPhone 4 to be out later this month

It's only about a year late...

Yet again, the iPhone doesn't know how to do Daylight Savings

The iPhone is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology on the market today, and is one of the best-selling smartphone of all time.

Apple confirms white iPhone 4 coming this spring

Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Paul Schiller has just sent out a message on Twtitter, saying a white version of the iPhone 4 will in fact be available this spring.

Verizon iPhone breaks sales records, estimated at 1M within week

When Verizon launched the iPhone 4 last week, we all knew it was going to be big. But Verizon broke first-day sales records in only two hours of release on February 3rd, between 3 and 5 a.m. despite the phone being the same model released by AT&T over eight months ago.

Verizon implements radical change to upgrade policy

For 10 years, Verizon customers have grown accustomed to the carrier's "New Every Two" program, which allows them to get a new Verizon phone at a discount after 20 months. But starting January 16, the program will come to an end and replaced with a new upgrade system.

Verizon iPhone 4. It's officially officially official

After several months of rumors, speculation, near certainty, and inevitable doubt, Apple and Verizon have finally confirmed, together, that the iPhone 4 will come to the nation's highest-ranked mobile provider.

iPhone 4 is eBay's most popular item of the year

The iPhone 4 pipped Barbie to the post to become eBay's most-bought item this year.

Pow! Steve Jobs gets turned into an action figure

If there was ever a technology industry figure who could be represented with a tiny body, big head, and a lot of gloss, it's Steve Jobs.

Alert: Reset your iPhone clocks on Sunday or you'll wake up late

A bug in the iPhone operating system software will prevent the device from automatically recognizing Daylight Savings Time this weekend.

White iPhone? You ain't seeing that thing until 2011

Apple can build up a global colossal empire, create the most heralded phone platform of all time, and astound us with its unmatched level of arrogance, but there's one thing it can't do: slap a new color on one of its products.

iPhone 4 screens are fragile, says insurer

Either iPhone 4 users are a particularly clumsy lot, or the device really is more fragile than its predecessors.

iPhone 4 sells out in China

China Unicom has confirmed that its current stock of iPhone 4 handsets is "currently insufficient" to meet user demand.

China to open its doors to the iPhone 4 on Saturday

Apple will be getting a Chinese stamp in its passport yet again as it plans to launch the iPhone 4 in the gigantic nation this Saturday.

Despite Apple's arrogance, Consumer Reports still snubs iPhone 4

Even though Apple now suddenly claims that the iPhone 4's antenna problems are even less of an issue than it originally stated, Consumer Reports cannot agree with that statement.

Is Apple prepping an iPhone 4B?

Steve Jobs probably still believes that Apple's embarrassing "Antennae-Gate" was blown way out of proportion by overeager journalists and overexcited analysts.

Apple prepares to tackle China with iPad, iPhone 4

Apple has its eyes on the billion-plus people in China as the latest way to add to the tally of iPhone 4 and iPad sales, but it will have to overcome the lawlessness and poverty stricken throughout the giant country.

Users still want an iPhone 4 - just not from AT&T

Verizon could be set for a boost, to say the least, with a new survey suggesting that nearly a third of US cellphone subscribers would switch to the carrier if it started offering the iPhone.

Cranking the rumor mill: Verizon iPhone in January?

AT&T continues to shy away from blowing the iPhone horn, Apple is working on new iPhone chipsets, and Verizon has stopped its cocky "we don't need the iPhone" mentality. You know what that means...

Flash runs on iPhone 4. Say wha?

The latest mobile version of Adobe Flash is now available on the iPhone 4. Before you go out and start murdering someone, it's only a hack, and a very rough one at that.

One-fourth of iPhone 4 owners upset with antenna issues

Even though Apple would argue that only a handful of people ever experienced any problems with the iPhone 4's faulty antenna design, nearly 25% of all iPhone 4 owners are upset.