Apple owns up to gouging Chinese

After an internet campaign by Apple fanboys protesting its innocence, Cupertino has finally confessed to cheating its Chinese customers.

T-Mobile to go after iPhone owners

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Virgin Mobile's iPhone goes on sale

The iPhone is now available through yet another mobile carrier.

Antennagate claim site goes live

Apple iPhone 4 customers can now claim the princely sum of $15 in compensation, following the settlement of a lawsuit over the phone's 'antennagate' reception problems.

Siri comes to iPhone 4

Apple fans who have been slobbering over the amazing voice technology known as Siri but who don't have enough cash to upgrade their iPhone 4 can now rejoice.

iPhone 4's Siri gives access to locked phone

The hugely-popular Siri voice-activated personal assistant in the iPhone 4S has a big security flaw - it responds to commands even when the phone is password-locked.

Trade-in prices for iPhone 4 falling fast

Not that we didn't expect this, but the amount of money you'll get for your old iPhone 4 is dropping quickly ahead of the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch postponed

Google and Samsung have postponed the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich - the latest iteration of Mountain View's wildly popular mobile Android OS.

Sprint confirms unlimited plans for iPhone

Sprint will be doing what other carriers before it seemed unable to once they started selling the iPhone - continue offering unlimited data plans.

Trade-ins of iPhone 4 spike ahead of iPhone 5

It looks like people with spare iPhone 4's lying around are choosing to sell them now before the device becomes obsolete.

Size really matters, says Apple

You can never be too rich or too thin - and Apple, already top of the tree when it comes to money, is now officially the thinnest too.

Report: Cheaper, 8 GB iPhone in the works

In addition to the new, updated iPhone sure to be announced any day now, there will be a smaller, cheaper model making headlines soon as well.

Nearly 1/3 of iPhone 4 users are on Verizon

Over the last five months, Verizon has slowly been eating away at AT&T's iPhone 4 market share.

Unlocked iPhone 4 now available at Apple Stores

Buying an unlocked version of the iPhone is now easier than ever.

India finally gets iPhone 4

One of the last major markets to be left in the iPhone dust has now finally received the latest model.

Apple eyes uber-micro SIM cards

Apple is reportedly eyeing the adoption of uber-micro SIM cards which would allow Cupertino to design even thinner iPhones and iPads.

Rumors point to an 'iPhone 4S'

We may see an incrementally upgraded iPhone 4 before Apple stamps the number '5' on a new phone.

Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 is not thicker

Well color us surprised...

White iPhone 4 is slightly thicker, for some reason

Someone decided to compare the thickness of the white and black iPhone 4 devices.

Report: iPhone 5 coming in September, not June

A new Reuters report says Apple's next entry in the iPhone library won't be available until September.