Apple may soon offer iPhone 3GS for free

The iPhone isn't just for the rich and famous anymore.

Analyst: don't expect a new low-end iPhone

An analyst has serious doubts about earlier reports that suggested a low-end iPhone was on the way.

The iPhone 3GS is actually (still) selling well

Score one for old(er) smartphones.

Verizon iPhone won't get FaceTime 3G support

It's one of the biggest "wished-for" features for current iPhone owners, and it looks like Verizon customers won't get a break either.

Alert: Reset your iPhone clocks on Sunday or you'll wake up late

A bug in the iPhone operating system software will prevent the device from automatically recognizing Daylight Savings Time this weekend.

T-Mobile will apparently get iPhone 3GS by end of year

Calmly rising up among a veritable swamp of Verizon iPhone discussion and rumors, a Tweet from Wired's editor in chief now suggests that T-Mobile will actually be the first outside of AT&T in the US to get its name on an Apple phone.

R2-D2 iPhone case stealing Droid 2's thunder

Geeks across America have been salivating ever since Motorola announced a special edition of its Droid 2 phone designed to look like everyone's favorite little droid, R2-D2, but now an iPhone case maker is trying to steal that thunder.

Cut-price iPhones at Walmart: Not Cool!

Hipsters in mass suicide pact upon realization that Apple products will be used by people wearing sweats and shopping at, uhm, Walmart.