Apple cuts profit margin with new iPad

Apple's making a smaller profit on its new iPads than on the previous model, a teardown by research firm iSuppli indicates.

Are mobile devices becoming the game platform of choice?

The rapid evolution of mobile devices is actively driving the industry to develop better graphics, optimized voice quality and faster quad-core processors.

Android tablets will overtake iPad in 2015: analyst

Three years from now, the iPad, which invented the modern tablet market, will be on the outside looking in.

New iPad will go on sale at exactly 8 AM Friday

Those who weren't quick enough to pre-order their new iPad online have one last resort.

Supply tight for new iPad screens

As predicted, Sharp seems to have failed to come up with the goods, and its LCD panels likely won't be appearing on the new iPad when it hits the stores on Friday.

New iOS update shows misleading 4G icon

People with an iPhone 4S who have downloaded the latest firmware update noticed a surprising change.

Nvidia wants Apple to put its benchmarks where its mouth is

This week, Apple unveiled a new version of its long-awaited iPad at a packed event in San Francisco, California.

The New iPad: Apple lowers the bar

Truthfully, Tim Cook reminded me a lot of John Scully when he was on stage announcing Apple's "New" iPad earlier this week. 

Report: Amazon prepping two new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch two new tablet PCs during the second half of 2012.

Apple will continue to dominate tablet market

Although a number of Android-powered tablets are currently flying off store shelves, Apple is widely expected to maintain its dominance of the hyper-competitive mobile market. 

Slight difference between AT&T, Verizon on 4G LTE

Apple has introduced the pricing structures for iPad LTE connectivity.

Next-gen iPad could boost 4G LTE adoption

Apple's next-gen iPad is expected to feature support for 4G LTE, which could help significantly boost adoption of the increasingly popular connectivity standard.

No Android tablet has eclipsed 5% market share

While the iPad's share in the tablet market has steadily declined, there's been no one Android tablet to take the majority of the credit.

How many countries are worth less than Apple?

Apple's market cap has gotten so big, it's more valuable than a lot of countries.

Proview demands iPad trademark worldwide

China's Proview has ramped up its battle with Apple over the iPad trademark, saying it's now seeking global rights to the name.

Introducing the George Harrison guitar app

We've probably all dreamed of playing our favorite rock 'n roller's guitar 
at some point or another.

Proview sues Apple on its home turf

Chinese firm Proview, which claims it owns the iPad name in the country, has taken its case to the US by filing a suit in a California court.

Microsoft: No Office for Apple's iPad

The "he said, she said" game is running rampant in the tech world today. Granted, this time around it seems more like The Daily versus Microsoft.

Updated: Microsoft preps Office for Apple's iPad

Microsoft is reportedly set to submit an iPad-optimized version of its flagship Office suite to the App Store for approval.

Apple's tablet share slips

Apple's share of the global media tablet market slipped to 57% during the fourth quarter of 2011 - down from 64% in the third quarter.