Toshiba building massive 13-inch tablet

Toshiba believes when it comes to tablets, bigger is definitely better.

The word "iPad" might become genericized trademark

It's quite possible that in the near future, "iPad" will be a generic term that can refer to any tablet.

Report: Apple testing iPad Mini

Apple is reportedly testing a smaller version of its wildly popular iPad, with a display that measures approximately 7.85 inches.

Anticipating the 4th-gen iPad

When Apple stops iterating a particular product - like the the company did with the original iPod - it typically means Cupertino intends to extend and expand future device lineups.

Intel wants an Ultrabook future in a saturated mobile market

The well-oiled Intel PR machine is kicking into high gear as Santa Clara attempts to tout its Ultrabook concept in an already saturated market.

Facebook app gets retina graphics for new iPad

If you have a new iPad and frequent Facebook, you'll probably want to download the new Facebook app because it's been updated specifically for you.

New iPad wins love from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports - which hated the iPhone 4 when it launched last summer - has given the new iPad top rating.

HBO’s iPad app is ready for Game of Thrones 

The long-awaited second season of Game of Thrones (GoT) premieres this Sunday, April 1. Are you ready?

Yes, the iPad 2 is better than the "New" iPad

We live in a world of perceptions. This often plays out when Apple rolls out a new product and folks line up to buy it. 

Apple offers refunds in Australia over 4G connectivity

Apple's been forced to offer a refund to Australian buyers of the new iPad after confusion about the device's 4G connectivity.

Is Apple prepping Retina display MacBooks?

Apple's slick new iPad boasts an eye-popping Retina display that MacBook owners can only envy from afar - at least for now. 

Fortunately, all of that might change sooner rather than later.

Will Apple's iPad be priced out of the market?

Although Apple remains the undisputed market leader in the lucrative tablet space, the buzz created by the iPad has paved the way for numerous vendors to join the race, especially in the lower price segment.

DirecTV adds on-demand streaming to iPad app

Users can now watch movies on-the-go if they have a DirecTV account.

Netflix updates iPad app for Retina support

The official Netflix app on the iPad has just been given a big makeover.

Angry Birds officially enter Space

The latest in everyone's favorite bird-slinging game franchise has arrived.

New iPad LTE data is a 'speed trap'

The allure of high-speed mobile data on the new iPad is great, but is it feasible with today's restrictive data plans?

New iPad hits 116 degrees - mind your scrotum, chaps

The new iPad runs considerably hotter than its predecessor, tests have shown - making it perfect for reading in bed, perhaps, but alarming some users.

Are iPads ramping past PCs?

Sales of Apple's wildly popular iPad are ramping at an accelerated rate of 156% year over year.

Yes, tablet screen size really does matter

Apple currently dominates the lucrative tablet market with its wildly popular lineup of 9.7-inch iPads, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

FAA to reconsider gadget ban

The Federal Aviation Administration is believed to be re-examining the rules which prohibit the use of electronic devices during takeoff and landing.