Intel vows to outgun rivals as mobile chip war heats up

Intel has vowed to outperform its chip rivals in multiple markets, including in the traditional PC space - which Intel currently dominates - as well as the ARM-controlled mobile sector. 

Rumor: Apple iPad mini to launch in October

A new report claims Apple is preparing to launch an 8GB iPad "mini" this October for less than $250.

The big question Windows 8 will answer

I’ve been thinking a lot about Windows 8, as it’s a pretty complex product.

Report: New iPhone, 7-inch iPad due late summer

The next generation iPhone and iPad will apparently be ready for consumers at the tail end of summer.

Frankenstein reworked as interactive ebook

The author of Frankenstein for iOS used to be a games designer - but don't expect this interactive version of Mary Shelley's classic book to feature any technicolor monsters lurching out of the screen.

Will tablets ever be more popular than notebooks?

Tablet sales may very well outpace notebook PC shipments by 2016, at least according to analysts at NPD DisplaySearch.

Logitech touts Solar Keyboard Folio for Apple's iPad

It wasn't long ago that Logitech unveiled its Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for Apple's new iPad.

Apple reasserts tablet dominance at Android's expense

IDC has confirmed a "steep drop" in shipments of Android-based tablets as Apple continues to dominate the lucrative market with its wildly popular iPad.

TSMC wants 20nm Apple chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is reportedly investing $700 million in 20-nanometer chip technology to prepare for a possible deal with Apple in 2014.

Windows 8 sparks concern amongst vendors

Microsoft Windows 8 has long been touted as the savior of the laptop and notebook market - which faces a very real threat from Apple's iPad and various Android tablets. 

Kindle Fire: the runaway Android tablet success

It's possible that as many as half of the Android tablets that people are using today are Kindle Fires.

Brydge iPad keyboard hits Kickstarter

There are a number of keyboards on the market today that facilitate quick and easier typing for users of Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Apple: iOS and OS X will not converge

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iOS (iPad) and OS X (iMac, MacBooks) will remain two distinct operating systems for their respective lineup of devices.

Apple profits soar on record iPhone sales

Apple's profits almost doubled in the first quarter of this year compared with last, hitting $11.6 billion. Revenue increased 59 percent to reach $39.2 billion.

Australian 3G 'really 4G', claims Apple

Apple's defending its '4G' branding of the iPad in Australia, saying it's technically correct.

Logitech outs ultrathin keyboard cover for new iPad/iPad 2

The iPad is certainly a very capable tablet and with the right apps, you may not need to carry around a heavier notebook.

Intel and Microsoft target Apple’s iPad

Intel and Microsoft are clearly disappointed that Apple’s ARM-powered iPad continues to dominate the lucrative mobile sphere.

Analyst says iPad mini launch inevitable

The launch of an iPad "mini" is inevitable at some point in the future, at least according to one industry analyst. 

Apple will launch 6 million iPad minis: rumor

In an effort to break into the impulse-buy market, the iPad is about to get a little brother.

Can Windows 8 tablets eke out mobile market share?

Apple's iPad continues to dominate the mobile market and is expected to account for 61.4% of worldwide media tablet sales in 2012 - despite the advent of Windows 8 and Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire.