Report: Next-gen iOS devices launch on September 12

A new report claims that an upcoming (and as yet) unannounced Apple event will be held on September 12 during which three new iOS devices are slated to be unveiled, including the next-gen iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Nano.

Apple v Samsung trial begins; here comes the bloodbath

Get ready, folks. This isn't going to be pretty for anyone.

Prototype iPad photos show unused features

Never-before-seen pictures of Apple's tablet in the days before the first iPad launch show designs and features that the company never used in a final product.

Baldur's Gate gets enhanced edition in September

Baldur's Gate is a role-playing video game (RPG) developed by BioWare and released in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment.

German court sides with Samsung in Galaxy Tab rift

Apple is finally getting a taste of humble pie in its quest to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Apple iPad dominates tablet market with 68% share

Apple’s wildly popular iPad continued to dominate the highly lucrative tablet space in the second quarter of 2012 - capturing an impressive 68% of the global market.

Please, stop the app madness!!!

It seems like every other commercial you see on TV now includes a line that says "visit us on Facebook or Twitter," and asks you to "download our app for iPad or Android!"

Apple results disappoint analysts

Despite selling 17 million iPads during the third quarter this year, Apple's missed analysts' estimates for the second time since 2003.

Pearltrees iPhone app goes live

Pearltrees is routinely used to embed data related to a particular topic in a way that is easy to navigate.

Analyst: iPad mini to launch in September

The rumored smaller version of Apple's iPad tablet could hit stores in less than two months.

Xbox Live iOS app turns Apple iPad into remote control

Microsoft updated its Xbox Live iOS app today, adding a number of sweet new features for iPad owners.

Microsoft's foray into flatland

Microsoft recently confirmed it would be manufacturing an indigenously designed lineup of Windows 8 Surface tablets that should be hitting shelves sometime this fall. 

Apple iPad Mini reports solidify

Breathless reports about new Apple devices never seem to go out of style. Rumors coalesce, reports accumulate and hype builds for Cupertino's next big move.

iPad sales increase as PC shipments slow

Apple is projected to report record breaking sales of 20 million iPads during the just-concluded June quarter. 

Galaxy Tab isn't cool, says judge

It's not often that a manufacturer breathes a sign of relief on being told its products are uncool. But that's what happened to Samsung yesterday in the UK.

Report: $299 iPad mini to land in October

Rumors that Apple is planning to launch a smaller iPad tablet aptly dubbed the "iPad Mini" have been circulating for months, if not years.

Judge rejects lift on Galaxy Tab ban

For Samsung, things are not looking too good right now.

Chrome comes to iOS

Google's Chrome browser is now available for the first time for the iPad and iPhone, free from Apple's App Store.

Epic Games: Infinity Blade is most profitable game

A little iPhone game called Infinity Blade is more profitable for Epic Games than Gears of War.

Is Google’s Nexus 7 just another Android tablet?

Google’s $200 Nexus 7 may be one sweet looking and affordable tablet, yet it probably has very little chance of claiming significant market share from Apple’s wildly popular iPad.