Peter Molyneux wants more new IP

Video game pioneer Peter Molyneux thinks that the industry has become lazy.

This Android tablet has a 9.7-inch retina display

Are you an Android enthusiast who just can't stop coveting the high-resolution retina display on Apple's iPad?

Total number of US gamers has declined

Although it seems impossible, the number of Americans playing video games has declined from last year.

ESPN upgrades iPad app

ESPN's ScoreCenter iPad app has been downloaded nearly 29 million times, and now it's time for an upgrade.

Google and Samsung - the new evil queens of denial

Are Google and Samsung the new evil queens of denial?

Amazon may postpone debut of 10-inch Kindle Fire

Amazon will likely debut a new lineup of Kindle Fire tablets during its upcoming September 6 press conference in Santa Monica, California.

Apple and Samsung face Korean sales ban

As a US jury prepares to deliver its verdict in the high-profile patent case between Apple and Samsung, a South Korean court has determined that they've both been copying each other's products.

OoVoo brings four-way video chatting to iOS and Android

OoVoo - a social video chat provider that claims 54 million subscribers - has updated its Android and iOS apps to support four-way video chats and text conversations with up to 12 people.

Samsung invests $4 billion in Apple chip plant

Samsung Austin Semiconductor is investing approximately $4 billion in a chip fab most famously used to manufacture custom processors for Apple’s iPhone and iPad lineup.

Judge tells Apple lawyer he's 'smoking crack'

The legal system is getting quite the run for its money with this Samsung-Apple lawsuit.

Judge asks Apple and Samsung to strike their own deal

If Lucy Koh pulls this one off, we'll have to ask her to sort out the Middle East.

Pinterest pins itself on Android, iPad

The newest darling in the world of social media is now on every major mobile platform.

Has Samsung lost the war against Apple’s iPad?

It seems as if Samsung may have already lost the war against Apple’s wildly popular iPad.

'Kidney for iPad' case goes to trial

Five people have gone on trial in China after a teenager sold a kidney to buy an iPad.

Windows 8 "excitement" won't stop Apple's iPad

Global PC sales have remained painfully stagnant for several consecutive quarters, prompting industry watchers to pin their hopes on Microsoft Windows 8. 

Aereo not a concern to CBS

An online platform that lets users stream live TV with no money going to the networks isn't something CBS is concerned about.

Apple CPU master returns to AMD

AMD has confirmed the hire of CPU master Jim Keller, a high-level chip architect who previously worked at Apple designing custom ARM-based processors for the iPad and iPhone.

Amazon Instant Video comes to iPad

After proving its tablet viability on the Kindle Fire, Amazon is now ready to target its streaming video service to a very different mobile audience.

Wikipad tablet gets serious; specs revealed

It's still got a long way to prove that it can compete with the likes of Apple and Google, but the Wikipad tablet is on its way.

The perils of updating your smartphone OS

I was recently thinking about smartphones and how some of them, depending on age and model, won’t let you update the OS. Now some may think this poses a problem, but frankly, I wonder.