Journalist says Steve Jobs has "no class"

An aspiring journalist from Long Island accuses Steve Jobs of lacking class after the CEO tells her to "leave [Apple] alone."

Microsoft says Kinect sales will "blow away" the iPad

Microsoft believes that sales of its Kinect platform will easily "blow away" Apple's "magical" iPad - which shipped 1 million units during its first 28 days on sale and 3 million in three months.

Report: Android poised to dominate tablet market

Apple's "magical" iPad currently dominates the relatively nascent US tablet market. However, a virtual tsunami of Android-powered tablets are expected to end Club Cupertino's monopoly of the sector in just a few years.

Motorola wants a tablet next year

The manufacturer of the runaway top-selling Android phone in the US is working on a tablet device and wants it to be the only true competitor to the iPad.

iPhone fanbois just can't keep up with Android enthusiasts

It seems as if iPhone fanbois just can't manage to keep up with dedicated Android enthusiasts.

Parallels runs Windows apps on the iPad

Parallels has introduced a mobile version of its virtualization platform that allows iOS users to remotely access Windows apps on their Apple mobile devices.

New Kindle ad disses iPad

If you can't beat 'em...attack 'em. Nothing delivers a marketing message quite like making fun of a competitor, and with mounting pressure from other e-reader makers, that's exactly what Kindle has turned to.

China gets iPad on Friday, no 3G in sight

An enormous mass of people with a growing hunger for the latest tech gadgets may soon be getting their hands on one of the most important devices this year. It'll come at a high cost, though.

Acer founder says Apple products are like "mutant viruses"

Acer founder Stan Shih claims he respects Apple, but insists that popular devices such as the iPad and and iPhone are little more than over-hyped mutant viruses.

iPad cannibalizes low-end notebook sales

It's official: the iPad is adversely affecting the traditional PC industry, with eager consumers expected to snap up at least 28 million of the popular touchscreen devices at the expense of low-end notebooks. 

Apple's A4 processor takes center stage

Apple has deployed its indigenously designed ARM-based A4 processor in a number of new devices, including the iPad, iPhone 4 and upgraded iPod touch.

Samsung officially reveals Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet

In what could be the very first Android-based tablet that poses a direct threat to the iPad, Samsung has given us the first look at its Galaxy Tab device.

Twitter arrives on the iPad

Twitter's launched an iPad app that's got everybody that's played with it very excited.

Archos plans not one, but FIVE Android tablets for this fall

As news of Android tablet developments continues to grow and strengthen, Archos has now joined the fray with the biggest announcement yet. The biggest in terms of quantity, that is.

Starcraft 2 addicts get remote Gameboard fix

Strung out Starcraft 2 junkies who just can't stop playing Blizzard's addictive strategy game can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Apple eliminates iPad delivery delays

Apple appears to have fixed its supply problems for the iPad, after struggling to fulfil orders since the device's launch in April.

Report: Apple iPad to dominate tablet market for years

Apple's popular iPad is expected to dominate the tablet market until at least 2012.

iPad comes to aid of fat-fingered sumo wrestlers

Japan's Sumo Association has decided that the iPad is the perfect device for its fat-fingered wrestlers, and is dishing them out to all its training establishments.

Imagining the 5th-gen iPhone and the 2nd-gen iPad

Apple’s iPhone set the current baseline for a high-end smartphone. But during this week’s analyst conference, Qualcomm is outlining what it could become.

Apple iPad invades corporate America

Corporate America is enthusiastically embracing Apple’s popular iPad, with numerous businesses buying the versatile tablet for use in the workplace.