Apple takes a bite out of AMD

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer has acknowledged that Apple's wildly popular iPad is cannibalizing sales of netbooks, notebooks and laptops.

New York Times lures in iPad readers with free app

It looks like the New York Times was worried about sustaining itself with a paid iPad app, so it'll offer the downloadable newspaper for free, but with ads.

Can Apple's iPad reshape the mobile PC market?

Apple’s wildly popular iPad currently dominates the tablet space. But is the device poised to reshape the rapidly evolving mobile PC market?

Out of nowhere, Verizon says it'll start selling iPads

Verizon has officially announced that it will offer iPads in stores for the holiday season, a deal no one saw coming because everyone was too busy talking about a Verizon iPhone.

Sam's Club will also start selling iPads, iPhones

The warehouse club owned by the Wal-Mart corporation will follow its sister store and begin stocking iPads for sale tomorrow, helping to catapult the number of retails outlets offering the device to more than 2,300 stores in the US.

Wal-Mart gets the iPad on Friday

For most people, it's a dream to get their product sold at Wal-Mart. When it comes to the iPad, though, Wal-Mart is the lucky one, as Apple is now letting the world's leading retailer sell its tablet computer.

T-Mobile suggests $650 Galaxy Tab price point

Samsung's iPad killer, the Android-based Galaxy Tab, will be priced in the same range as the iPad but customers will be able to get discounts by signing up for 3G service contracts.

Merlin the Dolphin doesn't like Apple's iPad

Sorry Steve Jobs, but Merlin the Bottlenose Dolphin prefers the rugged Toughbook over your "magical" iPad.

Amazon begins selling iPad

Amazon has now officially begun selling the iPad, one of its fiercest rivals in the portable media market, in a move that represents just how powerful each side has in its core business.

Early iPad adopters more satisfied than recent buyers

You remember all those crazies who waited outside the Apple Store for hours to buy one on launch day? Well, apparently they're actually still using their device and haven't lost their luster for it.

Is Apple's AirPlay a game changer?

Does Apple's AirPlay have what it takes to revolutionize the consumer audio industry once again?

Thinner iPad with camera, USB might come as early as June

Apple's newest version of the iPad might come out in less than 10 months, or just a little over a year after the first one went on sale.

Startup Kno develops giant 14-inch tablet, a sure failure

A new company called Kno has created a large 14-inch tablet geared for students and electronic textbooks. The only problem is this has been tried before and it failed terribly.

Mobile Wars: Can RIM's BlackPad take on Apple's iPad?

Can RIM's enterprise-oriented "BlackPad" challenge the iPad's dominance in Corporate America?

Samsung may be eyeing a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is gaining a lot of attention as what could be the first true competitor to the iPad. With a 7-inch display it doesn't quite match up side-by-side to the iPad but apparently there's another model in the works that does.

Is the iPad a digital revolutionary?

Is Apple's "magical" iPad a digital revolutionary? Is it destined - like a more benevolent version of Che Guevara - to free the seething peasant masses from their dependency on unwieldy PCs?

Dell working on a 7-inch Android tablet

After launching the confusing 5-inch Slate last month, which was too big for a phone but too small for a tablet, Dell is now reportedly set to debut an Android tablet that will actually have a screen big enough to give the iPad a run for its money.

Apple customers still happiest computer users

It probably won't come as much of a surprise to many that Apple customers are the happiest computer users - indeed, they're widely mocked for extreme evangelism.

Report: Pegatron to manufacture HTC Android tablet

Pegatron Technology has apparently clinched a lucrative deal to manufacture an Android-based tablet for HTC.

Tablet craze jumpstarts NAND Flash market

The use of NAND Flash memory in popular tablets such as Apple's iPad and competing Android devices is expected to triple in 2011.