97% of tablet Web traffic comes from iPad

A lot of non-iPad tablets are finally starting to makes waves around the world, but a new study shows just how much of an uphill battle they face.

Hacker admits AT&T iPad attack

A San Francisco man has admitted writing the code used to steal the personal data of 120,000 iPad users from AT&T servers last June.

Report: iPhone 5 to get major chip upgrade

Apple’s next-gen iPhone will reportedly feature a speedy A5 processor - the same advanced SoC that powers Cupertino’s flagship iPad 2.

New iPad 3 details emerge

Apple's next tablet will have a higher-resolution screen.

Report: Facebook finally making an iPad app

Facebook may soon be ready to launch its own official iPad app.

Do you really need a tablet?

Sure, the iPad is one tricked-out device, but do you really need a tablet - Apple or otherwise?

HP's flagship Touchpad coming July 1

The very first tablet powered by what will be a brand new version of webOS is just a few weeks away.

Apple purges DUI checkpoint apps

Apple no longer wants apps that warn drivers about nearby police checkpoints.

Army preps smartphones for combat

The US military has long experimented with mobile devices for use in combat. Next week, the Army plans to conduct field trials with Apple's iPhone, Android handsets and various tablet computers.

Claim: Teen sells kidney for iPad 2

How badly do you want an iPad 2? Do you want it badly enough that you’d trade in one of your own kidney for the high tech toy?

iPad "competitors" hit with an early dose of reality

A J.P. Morgan analyst confirms Apple's so-called competitors have scaled-back their tablet plans after receiving an "early dose of reality" from lackluster sales.

New Opera browser comes to iPhone, iPad

Opera has just released the latest version of its Web browser.

iOS App Store breaks 500K barrier

Apple’s iOS App Store continues to grow at a rapid pace, with Cupertino approving more than 500,000 applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Just what is the "post-PC" era, exactly?

Sure, we've all heard the phrase "post-PC" era bandied about over the past few months. But what does it mean, exactly?

Android digital magazine service is nigh

n Android alternative to Apple's recently launched iPad magazine service is expected very soon.

Seagate's Satellite streams content to your iPad

Seagate has introduced a wireless portable hard drive designed to easily stream content to Apple's iPad.

New details emerge over Acer's ex-CEO's departure

It was in fact largely because of the iPad that former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci was ousted from Acer.

NPD says not to blame iPad for slowing PC sales

Research firm NPD is giving everyone a reality check in cause-and-effect.

Report: Conde Nast ready to sell iPad mag subscriptions

Conde Nast, one of the largest magazine publishers in the country, is reportedly set to offer subscriptions to digital iPad versions of its publications.

Analyst warns of oversupply of Android tablets

With more than a dozen companies on the Android tablet list, what's a consumer to do?