Tribune publishing company reportedly creating own tablet

One of the largest newspaper publishing companies in the world is taking the strategy of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" to a whole new level.

HBO Go may come to PS3, Xbox 360, more

You  may very well soon be able to watch HBO from your TV. What a crazy thought.

After brief tease, Skype iPad app is official

It popped up on the App Store, was quickly taken down, and now it's back up again - Skype for iPad is here.

HP cuts Touchpad price by $50

Just a matter of weeks after being introduced to the market, the HP Touchpad tablet is already $50 cheaper.

Skype for the iPad appears - then disappears again

Skype - inadvertently, it seems - yesterday whetted the appetite of its customers by temporarily releasing the iPad version of its video chat software.

Apple's iPad wins again

It is almost funny to watch Apple's competitors fall all over themselves as they attempt to replicate the iPad experience.

How to get a Bird's Eye view of the Twitterverse

Like having your own personal map and compass in the Twitterverse, Bird's-Eye is an iPad app designed to track tweets in a particular geographic location.

Facebook iPad app secretly revealed

An iPad-specific version of Facebook's official iOS app has been discovered.

When it comes to enterprise, iPad dominates

Android may be making an earnest dent in Apple's tablet stranglehold, but there is one market the iPad is still absolutely killing.

Surprising report reveals Android's 30% tablet share

Just one year after we were talking about numbers like Apple's ~95% monopoly in the tablet race, Android has managed to take a huge bite out of the lucrative market.

Steve Jobs dismisses rumors of his successor

Apple CEO and cancer survivor Steve Jobs is not keen on discussing speculation about who will replace him when the inevitable happens.

Apple rakes in $7.31 billion profit for Q3

Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2011 third quarter, which ended on June 25. 

Apple profits seen buoyed by iPad 2 success

Despite dwindling sales of the now "old" iPhone 4, Apple is set to report a 69% rise in profits this quarter. How, you ask? The iPad of course, along with supplemental sales from Mac computers.

Chinese man builds 'iPad' from scrap parts

People will do a lot for an iPad - even sell a kidney, if reports are to be believed. But one Chinese man has taken a different approach - he's built one himself.

Report: Amazon prepping tablet for pre-October launch

Amazon is reportedly prepping a tablet that could launch sometime before October.

Will Apple enter the HDTV market?

Although numerous reports suggest Apple is poised to enter the HDTV market, one analyst says such a move isn't necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Crayola lets users draw on their iPad

Crayola markers have entered the 21st century.

Rumor: New iPad, not iPad 3, in the works

The next version of Apple's iPad tablet line may not be called the iPad 3.

There are now 100,000 iPad-optimized apps

In less than a year and a half, developers have pushed out more than 100,000 apps optimized for Apple's tablet platform.

Leapfrog intros educational tablet for kids

It's never to early to enter the tablet market.