Next-gen display for iPad 3 may face production issues

Apple wants to dazzle your mind - and your eyes - when it introduces the iPad 3 some time next year, but the question is whether its component suppliers are up to the task.

News popular on tablets - paying for it, not so much

Tablet owners spend more time reading the news than they do on Facebook - but they're not prepared to pay for that news, a survey shows.

Samsung to supply A6 chips for next-gen iPhone

Samsung is expected to supply Apple with A6 chips for its next-gen iPhone and iPad - despite an ongoing patent war between the two industry heavyweights.

Production reportedly begins on iPad 3

It's a weird sort of Twilight Zone right now with the Amazon Kindle Fire attraction most of the tablet attention and the iPad sitting in the background.

Australian Galaxy Tab ban becomes official

Australia has made the injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab sales official, meaning they will not be available in stores for the holiday season.

Apple rolls out iOS 5

iOS 5 - the latest iteration of Apple’s popular mobile operating system - is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple rumored to be readying 'iPad mini'

In an effort to offset the competition that is sure to be spurred by the Kindle Fire, Apple may be preparing to launch a cheaper iPad.

Most mobile Web traffic still comes from iOS

People using iOS devices are going online more than those with an Android phone or tablet, and not by an insignificant margin.

Facebook launches iPad app, at last

Facebook's finally launched its long-awaited iPad app, filling a gpaing hole in its lineup, and has also improved its mobile apps.

Report: Kindle Fire pre-orders reach 250K

It's very possible that more people could be getting a Kindle Fire on launch day than was the case with the original iPad.

Facebook scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death

With the internet lighting up to express sadness at the death of Steve Jobs, security experts are warning of scammers attempting to take advantage.

Tesla S - the iPhone of cars?

One of the most interesting comments I heard from an attendee of the big Tesla S event last weekend was that the long-awaited car launch reminded him of an Apple event.

Is Kindle Fire hype fair to other manufacturers?

How is it possible that an online retailer with only the most peripheral experience in product design and development is poised to make a bigger splash in a market than the titans of consumer electronics?

T-Mobile sides with Samsung in patent war

The ugly and growing spat between Apple and Samsung is becoming somewhat like a digital World War.

Facebook iPad app may make cameo at 10/4 event

In addition to unveiling the new iPhone next week, there's speculation that Apple may also finally reveal an iPad-optimized app version of Facebook.

iPad clinches 80% of North American tablet market

Apple's wildly popular iPad claimed a whopping 80% share of the North American tablet market during the second quarter of 2011.

New Apple iPhone to debut on October 4

Apple has sent out official invites for an October 4th event in Cupertino under the tagline of "Let's talk iPhone."

Samsung calls for EU ban on iPhone and iPad

Following Apple's success in getting Samsung products banned in the EU, Samsung's retaliated by asking a Dutch court to ban Apple's iPads and iPhones too.

iPad production cut in readiness for iPad 3

Apple's reported to have slashed iPad production by a quarter, according to a research report from JP Morgan Chase.

Report: Amazon to unveil tablet on Sept. 28

Amazon is expected to unveil its new Android-powered tablet on Wednesday, September 28, at an event in New York City.