Google accused of illicit iPhone tracking

Google's been accused of 'tricking' Safari to bypass security settings and track iPhone and iPad users' locations through cookies.

Survey shows how much Americans love telecommuting

If you could work from home, would you? And do you think you could be more productive?

Report: 8-inch iPad in the works

So it seems we finally solved the question of when the iPad 3 will be revealed, but that won't put a stop to the ever churning iPad rumor mill.

China's Proview seeks to halt iPad exports

China's Proview is reportedly trying to block shipments of Apple iPads in and out of the country as part of its trademark dispute.

What's next for Amazon's Kindle Fire?

Amazon's wildly popular $200 Kindle Fire tablet is getting about as much traction as the original iPad.

If you count iPads, Apple is now top PC maker

The iPad has garnered enough sales to make Apple surpass HP as the world's number one computer vendor. That is, if you count the iPad.

Amazon Kindle Fire hits 6 million unit sales

The Kindle Fire is getting about as much traction as the original iPad did.

Android tablet share stands at 39%

The number of people who bought an Android tablet in the most recent fiscal quarter is triple what it was the year before.

Apple reportedly gives big discounts to employees

If you work at Apple, your biggest perk is already the savings you get on a new Mac, and now that savings is getting even greater.

Apple sells 350,000 e-textbooks in 3 days

According to a new report, Apple has sold a whole bunch of digital textbooks since it announced its new initiative in the nascent market.

One in five US adults now owns a tablet

Spurred by a strong holiday season, tablets have pushed their way to a strong presence in the US market.

Apple rolls out iBooks 2 for the iPad

Apple debuted the second iteration of its iBooks platform for the iPad at an event today in New York City.

Apple pushes for iPads in school

Apple would rather your children carry around an iPad than a bunch of textbooks.

Amazon bypasses iTunes App Store commission

Amazon has just set up shop for iPad e-book customers, but plans on giving no cut of its sales to Apple.

Sony brings Music Unlimited to iOS

Sony's digital music platform is getting a big boost as it makes its way to the iPhone and iPad.

ARM chips away at x86 PCs

Analysts at Sterne Agee are projecting that emerging market growth could shift from x86 PCs to lower-cost WARM (Windows ARM) platforms. 

Report: Google eyes $200 price point for new tablet

When Amazon's Kindle Fire was announced, most knew right away the tablet was one of the few that actually had a chance of challenging the iPad’s dominance.

iPad owners just can’t get enough apps

Owners of Apple’s wildly popular iPad tablet just can’t seem to get enough apps. 

Intel eyes mobile market with Medfield

The smartphone and tablet markets are currently dominated by ARM's low-power sipping RISC chips. However, Intel is hoping to enter the hyper-competitive space in 2012 with its x86 Medfield SoC.

What will Apple launch in 2012?

A prominent industry analyst believes Apple will launch a redesigned iPhone 5 along with a potentially expanded iPad lineup in 2012.