Rumor: Apple to use IGZO display for iPad 3

Apple is reportedly gearing up to switch to a new display technology for the launch of its infinitely-hyped iPad 3.

Dual next-gen iPads to hit next month: report

Apple will debut two new iPads next month, according to the latest report.

Would a 7-inch iPad be DOA?

Although Apple may have tested a 7-inch iPad prototype, the late Steve Jobs apparently believed such a tablet would have very little chance of success in the hyper-competitive mobile market. 

Report: Apple iPad 3 to arrive by March 2012

A number of industry reports indicate that Apple's iPad 3 is likely to hit the market sometime over the next three to four months.

Rumor: iPad 3 will be thicker than iPad 2

The next iteration of Apple's iPad tablet will lose some of its sexiness in favor of a higher-resolution display.

Next-gen display for iPad 3 may face production issues

Apple wants to dazzle your mind - and your eyes - when it introduces the iPad 3 some time next year, but the question is whether its component suppliers are up to the task.

Production reportedly begins on iPad 3

It's a weird sort of Twilight Zone right now with the Amazon Kindle Fire attraction most of the tablet attention and the iPad sitting in the background.

iPad production cut in readiness for iPad 3

Apple's reported to have slashed iPad production by a quarter, according to a research report from JP Morgan Chase.

Apple to unveil iPhone 5, but what else?

 It's pretty much a given at this point that Apple will show off its newest iPhone in early October, but what else does it have up its sleeve?

Apple isn't rushing to launch the iPad 3

Although Apple already has a number of third-gen iPads circulating in its supply chain, Cupertino is in little rush to launch the latest iteration of its wildly popular tablet.

Apple to kick off iPad 3 production in October

Apple is reportedly preparing to kick off trial production of its next-gen iPad in October 2011.

Apple tests next-gen LCDs for iPad 3

Apple is reportedly testing next-gen liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for its upcoming iPad 3.

Rumor: New iPad, not iPad 3, in the works

The next version of Apple's iPad tablet line may not be called the iPad 3.

New iPad 3 details emerge

Apple's next tablet will have a higher-resolution screen.

Samsung asks court for next iPhone and iPad

It's something lots of people would like to do, but Samsung may be in with a chance - as part of its trademark dispute with Apple, it's asked a court to give it samples of the next iPhone and iPad.