You just don't have to upgrade from Windows XP

Opinion News that Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP in a year from now is bound to cause some dismay for quite a few people.

Nexus 7 will arrive in July

Google is rumoured to be introducing a revamped Nexus 7 this July, which means it should land roughly a year after the first one.

The iPad 3 is China-bound next Friday

The latest version of Apple's iPad is due to launch in China on July 20.

Powerful iPad battery can withstand LTE for 24 hours

Here is one of the most impressive stats about the new iPad.

New iPad clocks in 10 degrees higher than iPad 2

The latest version of Apple's iPad is hot. No, seriously.

The new iPad goes on sale

The first batch of new iPads will be released to the public in a matter of minutes.

New iPad 3 orders will take 3 weeks to fulfill

The new version of the iPad, as expected, is selling out quite quickly.

Apple may risk iPad 3 display shortage

Apple could struggle to keep pace with demand for the iPad 3, thanks to  a fragile supply of its new Retina display.

This is it: new iPad to be revealed today

Here's what we know about today's big Apple event.

The iPad 3 might be called 'iPad HD'

What we've come to know as the iPad 3 might not actually be called the iPad 3.

Cheap iPad 2 may make appearance on March 7

Although the iPad 3 is set to debut very soon, the iPad 2 may get a new lease on life as well.

iPad 3 debuts on March 7 in San Francisco

Apple has sent out official invites for a media event that will be held next Wednesday, March 7, in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

Rumor: iPad 3 shipments begin

In what may well be the last "rumor" story before the iPad 3 is actually announced, it seems like Apple's new tablet is ready for prime time.

Report: 8-inch iPad in the works

So it seems we finally solved the question of when the iPad 3 will be revealed, but that won't put a stop to the ever churning iPad rumor mill.

The iPad 3 will be unveiled March 7

Although there has not been an official round of invitations, it is being reported that Apple will hold an event on March 7 where the next iteration of its popular tablet device will at last be shown to the world.

Report: Final iPad 3 preparations underway

According to the most recent scuttlebutt, the iPad 3 is pretty much ready to go; the only thing Apple needs to do now is set up one heck of an unveiling event.

Leaked photo is reportedly of iPad 3 display

A leaked picture is claiming to show what will be the much-hyped Retina Display for the next iteration of Apple's iPad.

Rumor: iPad 3 will be revealed early February

The latest scuttlebutt in the Apple community is that Apple is planning a major event for the early part of next month.

Report: iPad 3 production has begun

Another day, another rumor about the iPad 3.

Rumor: iPad 3 and iPad 4 both launching this year

If you were craving another Apple rumor, here's an outlandish one for you.