February 9 rumored to be iPad 2 reveal date

Like any big tech product, the iPad 2 has seen a whole lot of rumors and speculation long before the company that will be making it has even said a word about it. But it looks like Apple will finally say something about its next-gen tablet on February 9.

Did Best Buy just accidentally reveal the iPad 2?

Three mysterious new product SKUs popped up on BestBuy.com over the weekend before they were almost immediately removed. All three were listed as "iPad" products.

Wow! Case for iPad 2 spotted at CES

A little-known Chinese manufacturer is reported to have shown iPad 2 cases at its CES booth.

Mysterious images suggest new iPad coming soon

As it was one of the best-selling products in all of 2010, the iPad is most certainly not leaving any time soon. But when can we expect the next in this line of Apple tablets?

Get ready for the iPad 2 in February

You want an iPad? That is so 2010. Seriously, if you wanna be up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology, you'll need Apple's official successor to the device, which is now rumored to come out in just two months.

iPad 2 to add new features

The next generation iPad will boast two cameras, a new display and a USB port, according to a leading Taiwanese newspaper.