Would you pay $8 million for an iPad 2?

Compared to competing tablets, the cost of an Apple iPad 2 may be termed as above average or expensive - depending on whom you ask, of course. 

Indian consumers, shafted from iPad 2, vow not to buy iPad 1

The iPad 2 is already available in the US and some other major countries, with plans for 25 countries put in place. But India isn't in them.

Wi-Fi iPad 2 can get pinpoint GPS if tethered to iPhone

Apparently the Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad 2 is able to suck out the iPhone's GPS capabilities when the two devices are tethered.

Japan's iPad 2 launch delayed

Japan certainly has other things on its mind right now, and so as not to trivialize the recent natural disaster there, Apple has decided to push back the release of the iPad 2 in that country.

New iPad 2 stock hits stores today

If your local Apple Store, like many others, is completely sold out of the new iPad, you might want to check back today as several locations are putting new inventory on the shelves today.

iPad 2 pwns and owns the competition

It's official! Apple's iPad 2 pwns and owns the competition - at least when it comes to raw graphics horsepower. 

Half a million iPad 2s sold over the weekend, says analyst

Financial analyst Piper Jaffray says that most iPad 2 buyers are new users - a whacking 70 percent, in fact.

iPad 2 sells out online, three-week wait for new stock

The iPad 2 went on sale at 4:00 AM Eastern Time on Apple's website, and within a matter of hours it appears the initial inventory has been sold out. 

The iPad 2 now on sale! (Well, at 5 PM)

Today is the launch of Apple's brand new tablet, and while many people have poked fun at Apple quickly making its product irrelevant, this one comes less than a year after the first iPad was released.

Rotten Apples: Is the tablet (iPad) bubble bursting?

As I was conducting interviews about the iPad 2, one of the typical comments I didn’t pick up until later was that the second-gen launch lacked the frenzied excitement surrounding the unveiling of Apple’s original iPad tablet.

Analyst: iPad 2 will capture 70% of tablet market

Apple's sleek and sexy iPad 2 is expected to capture a staggering 70% of the global tablet market in 2011.

Huge changes come to iPad 2, from $499, March 11

Steve Jobs, who was greeted with a standing ovation at today's event, has just revealed the iPad 2. It has so many new bells and whistles it almost makes the original iPad look like an artifact.

Steve Jobs opens hotly anticipated Apple event

After indefinitely stepping away from Apple's day-to-day responsibilities to tend to his worsening medical condition, Steve Jobs delighted fans today by defying the odds and stepping onto the stage to introduce today's expected iPad 2 announcement.

Rumor: Steve Jobs will be at iPad 2 launch event

There are a lot of Steve Jobs rumors being spread around these days. One thing that's known for sure is that his health is taking a turn for the worse, as he has stepped down from his day-to-day role at Apple. But despite that, there's a new report suggesting Jobs will be on hand for the launch of the iPad 2.

White iPad 2 possibly in the works

Apparently coating the iPhone 4 in a different color is the most difficult thing known to mankind, as Apple delayed the launch of a white version of the device indefinitely. So get your grains of salt ready, but there's a new rumor that the iPad 2 will have a white counterpart.

Next-gen iPad expected at March 2 Apple event

Apple is expected to unveil its long-awaited iPad 2 at a special event in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 2 at 10:00am PST.

Report: Apple to debut iPad 2 on March 2

Apple is reportedly planning to debut the second iteration of its flagship iPad tablet on March 2 in San Francisco. Although Cupertino has yet to send invites, AllThingsD speculates that the venue is likely to be the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Crazy rumor suggests an 'iPad mini' this year

The iPad 2 hasn't even been announced yet and already people have begun speculating about the iPad 3...or as some are calling it, the iPad Mini.

Report: Apple starts iPad 2 production

Apple still hasn't confirmed that it's working on a successor to the iPad, but it looks like the company has already finished designing it and ordering the right parts because it's already hitting the assembly line.

Apple planning "small" iPad 2 reveal? Blasphemy!

If the rumors are true, Apple's big reveal for the next version of the iPad will be low on the fanfare, but since it is Apple it will probably still be really big on the lofty marketing speak and second-coming-of-Jesus PR phrases.