IP network based on xylophones

A University of California Berkeley researcher has created an IP network that runs between a pair of xylophones.

Are AMD and ARM joining forces?

A new report by tech guru Charlie Demerjian suggests that AMD and ARM may be teaming up to design a common on-chip interface and interconnect.

Internet forced to switch over to IPv6, how much will it really cost?

With mounting Y2K-like concern, many are increasingly worried about what exactly will happen now that last batch of IPv4 ISP addresses have been allocated.

Consumers International campaigns against IP barons

When the United Nations Global Forum for Global Governance of the Internet meets this week, Consumers International will be there to combat the Intellectual Property barons in the crowd.

Princeton isolates iPad WiFi problems

The IT department at Princeton University has reportedly managed to isolate the cause of the iPad's troubling WiFi woes.

Microsoft issues warning over corporate espionage

Do you dream of stealing lucrative corporate secrets from careless and overpaid executives in the foggy San Francisco night? Well, you are not alone.