iPhone goes social with media stream feature

Apple looks set to introduce social media features in the next release of the iPhone operating system, iOS 4.3. Trawling through an early developer build, Apple Insider says it's  noticed a 'Media Stream' folder which contains another folder titled 'Photo Streaming'. The implication is that Apple plans to allow users to share their photos with friends.

Microsoft touts iOS-friendly OneNote

Microsoft has debuted an iOS-friendly version of OneNote for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

TurboTax lets you file taxes from your phone

Sorry for the reminder, guys, but it's tax season. But at least it can be a bit easier on you this year, as Android users will be able to file their taxes from their phone for the first time with TurboTax.

Crysis may be getting a mobile makeover

Could Crysis be getting a mobile makeover? Well, it sure seems that way, as Crytek wants to hire an iOS dev who is "passionate" about video games.

Can Android Honeycomb take on Apple iOS?

Android Honeycomb is indeed a sleek and sexy tablet OS. But is the latest iteration of Google's popular mobile operating system capable of taking on Apple's iOS-powered iPad?

Android activations now a staggering 300K per day

The people behind the scenes at Google's mobile division certainly have their hands full right now as their system is now powering up 300,000 new devices each and every day.

Apple iOS 4.3 update coming next month. Already?

After having just released version 4.2 of its iPhone/iPad software, Apple is already looking ahead to a new update and may be ready to push it out in just a couple weeks.

Woz: I never said Android has more features than iOS

Well, that didn't take too long at all! Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is now insisting he was misquoted by a Dutch paper known as De Telegraaf.

Woz says Android destined to rule

Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak believes Google's popular Android Operating System (OS) will eventually dominate the highly-competitive mobile universe.

Desperate Apple fanbois cause Skyfire outages

Hordes of stampeding, Flash-deprived Apple fanbois have caused Skyfire to temporarily pull its popular browser from Club Cupertino's App Store.

Skyfire bypasses Appleā€™s draconian Flash ban

W00t! iOS users are Flash-less no more! So forget about the draconian Steve Jobs, and download Skyfire for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iOS security flaw bypasses locked iPhone

A MacRumors forum member has positively identified an iOS (4.1) security breach that allows unauthorized users to make outgoing calls from a locked iPhone.

Android Market: Now serving 100,000 apps

Google's wildly popular Android market has hit a major milestone: over 100,000 apps and counting!

It's official: Android is now the most popular smartphone OS

It's official! Android is now rated the most popular operating system amongst consumers who purchased a smartphone over the past six months.

Apple eyes HTML5 mobile makeover

Apple has tasked its newly formed "creative technology" team with designing interactive HTML5-based content for iOS-powered mobile devices.

Report: Developers prefer versatile Android for next-gen devices

A recent survey jointly conducted by Appcelerator and IDC indicates that (Titanium) developers favor Android over iOS for next-gen TVs and other embedded devices.

Napster goes to iPhone, iPad. It's about time.

After neglecting the "apps" scene for a while, Napster has finally launched an official app for Apple's iOS operating system, giving users a well-known alternative to the device's concentrated connection to iTunes.

RIM defends heavyweight smartphone title

RIM continues to successfully defend its heavyweight (BlackBerry) smartphone title against various contenders, including Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).

Unreal ready to frag Android

Epic is reportedly poised to officially port its Unreal Engine to Google's Android mobile operating system.

Parallels runs Windows apps on the iPad

Parallels has introduced a mobile version of its virtualization platform that allows iOS users to remotely access Windows apps on their Apple mobile devices.