Apple lists bests games of 2011

Did your favorite iPhone or iPad games make the list of this year's top sellers?

Android Market hits 10 billion downloads

The Android Market still has quite a ways to go before it catches up with Apple's iOS App Store, but 10 billion app downloads is quite an impressive achievement for Google.

All is not well at RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) has confirmed that lackluster PlayBook tablet sales forced the company to take a $485 million charge.

Tablet market is survival of the fittest

Although Apple's wildly popular iPad currently dominates the tablet market, non-iOS devices managed to eke out approximately $415 million in revenue this year.

Apple battery 'fix' leaves users unsatisfied

As promised, Apple's released iOS 5.0.1, the update designed to fix the battery problems many users have been experiencing with the new iPhone 4S.

iOS and Android disrupt portable gaming market

iOS and Android devices are apparently disrupting billions of dollars of gaming revenue that were previously spent on portable consoles. 

Apple kicks out developer for exposing security bug

Apple's booted security researcher Charlie Miller out of its iOS developer program for revealing a security flaw in iPhones and iPads.

Duke Nukem frags Android in 3D

Ah, yes. Duke Nukem 3D. Now that takes me back some years. Well, to 1996, to be exact, when I first played the game on my Pentium Pro PC. You see? 1996 wasn't only memorable because Metallica sold out (again) with Load.

Most mobile Web traffic still comes from iOS

People using iOS devices are going online more than those with an Android phone or tablet, and not by an insignificant margin.

Analyst: Facebook needs its own OS

An industry analyst says he believes Facebook will eventually find itself coding an indigenous operating system to optimize support for mobile versions of the popular site.

Stevie Wonder gives props to Steve Jobs

Apparently Stevie Wonder is a MacHead at heart. During a recent performance, Wonder took a moment to sing the praises of Apple and its founder Steve Jobs.

Ballmer acknowledges lackluster WP7 sales

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledges that sales of Redmond's rapidly evolving Windows Phone 7 have been somewhat lackluster thus far.

On MeeGo and OS/2 Warp

A new report claims Intel is poised to "temporarily discontinue" development of its nascent MeeGo operating system due to a lack of enthusiasm from handset and tablet vendors.

Samsung snubs webOS

HP's $99 webOS-powered TouchPad tablets may have (belatedly) flown off the shelves at retailers across the United States, but Samsung remains utterly unimpressed by the latest turn of events.

Rumor: Samsung eyes webOS as iOS competitor

Samsung is reportedly interested in acquiring webOS from Hewlett Packard, which it could attempt to repackage as a viable alternative to Apple’s integrated hardware-software ecosystem.

Apple-branded TV hits the rumor mill

It looks like Apple may be trying to do for TV sets what Google has so far only wished it could do.

Android solidifies lead in smartphone race

Google's Android operating system maintained its current domination of the U.S. smartphone market - accounting for 52 percent of units sold in the second quarter (Q2) of 2011.

27,000 Koreans sue Apple over location tracking

You'd probably be a bit twitchy about privacy too if you lived right next door to North Korea - and 27,000 South Koreans have launched a class-action lawsuit against Apple over alleged location tracking.

Cinemax app brings porn to iPad

Premium cable channel Cinemax's heralded porn content is apparently a-ok with the people who confirm submitted iOS apps.

10-year-old hacker finds mobile game exploit

A 10-year-old girl known as "CyFi" has identified a flaw affecting certain games on iOS and Android devices.