SMS gets synchronized in the cloud

Get ready to synchronize your SMS messages in the cloud with MySMS, which just rolled out of beta status early this morning. 

Xbox Live iOS app turns Apple iPad into remote control

Microsoft updated its Xbox Live iOS app today, adding a number of sweet new features for iPad owners.

Chrome comes to iOS

Google's Chrome browser is now available for the first time for the iPad and iPhone, free from Apple's App Store.

Epic Games: Infinity Blade is most profitable game

A little iPhone game called Infinity Blade is more profitable for Epic Games than Gears of War.

Is Microsoft alienating PC partners with Surface?

Microsoft is likely to price its Surface tablets at below market value in an effort to compete against Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Microsoft touts Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 - first launched in 2010 - has failed to eke out significant market share in a lucrative space currently dominated by Apple's iPhone and various Android handsets.

Can Microsoft's Surface tablet compete with iOS and Android?

Microsoft's Surface tablet is one sleek looking device. But can it take on Apple's wildly popular iPad and the plethora of Android tablets already on the market?

Report: Devs prefer Apple iOS over Android

A recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster seems to confirm that mobile developers prefer coding apps for iOS.

Blackberry Playbook hacked to run iOS apps

You know what would make the Blackberry Playbook be, well, not so terrible?

Amazon Cloud Player finally comes to iPhone

After being made natively available for Android from day one, Amazon's streaming music service is now available for the rival mobile platform.

Facebook App Center goes live

Facebook's formally launched the App Center it announced last month, allowing users to browse - and, directly or indirectly, buy - a range of Android, mobile and web apps.

LinkedIn updates iOS app after privacy issue revealed

LinkedIn's been forced to change its iOS app, following reports that they've been collecting data from users' calendars and sending it back to its servers.

Facebook launches Camera photo-sharing app

Life goes on, IPO or no IPO, and yesterday Facebook released a new Camera for iOS app that allows users to shoot, filter and share photos.

iOS reasserts tablet dominance

Apple's iOS is expected to reassert its commanding leadership of the global tablet market after experiencing a temporary dip in market share during the fourth quarter of 2011. 

Google eyes Chrome browser for iOS

Google is reportedly coding an iOS-specific version of its Chrome browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Draw Something is losing millions of users

The harsh reality of social media is that some things really are just temporary fads.

Report: Xbox music service in the works

Microsoft may be unveiling a streaming music platform for the Xbox 360 at E3 in June.

Apple: iOS and OS X will not converge

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iOS (iPad) and OS X (iMac, MacBooks) will remain two distinct operating systems for their respective lineup of devices.

Instagram on Android reaches 1 million in 12 hours

The addition of Instagram to Android caused the service to add a million new users in just a half a day.

Draw Something becomes fastest-growing mobile game

Zynga gets to add a new record to its mantle, but this time it's only because it bought the company that created it.