Foursquare takes on Yelp with new rating system

With its latest iOS update, released yesterday, FourSquare has taken a leaf out of Yelp's book and added a rating system for local businesses.

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 8 will ramp "quickly"

Although Redmond's Windows mobile platform has experienced difficulty competing with Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Steve Ballmer says he expects Windows Phone 8 sales to "ramp up" in the near future.  

This Pinch interface creates ad hoc video walls

Pinch interface can create video walls and more on the fly.

Gingerbread still most popular version of Android

Google may be releasing a slew of new smartphones and and tablets loaded with Jelly Bean goodness, but its legacy Gingerbread OS (2.3.x) still runs on approximately 54% of Android devices. 

Apple slips as Android claims 41% of global tablet market

Google's Android operating system captured a record 41% share of the global tablet market in the third quarter of 2012 - as Apple's popular iOS slipped to 57%.

61% of iOS devices running iOS 6

Approximately 2% of all Android devices are using the most up-to-date firmware; how does that compare with iOS? Well, according to industry tracker Chitika, about 61% of all mobile Apple devices are now powered by the latest version of the iOS operating system.

China working on e-ink phone

Imagine a smartphone you only had to charge once a week.

Smartphones: one billion served

There are now more than one billion smartphone users across the globe.

The creeping bloat of iOS apps

The iPad 3's Retina display along with Apple's more liberal submission policy have prompted the file sizes of popular iOS apps to grow substantially - especially for games.

Microsoft backpedals on mobile Office

Microsoft is rejecting statements made by one of its own employees.

Supercell rakes in $10 million a month from the App Store

Game developer rakes in a cool $350,000 per day after Apple takes its cut.

SteelSeries launches mobile gaming gear for Android and iOS

SteelSeries has officially rolled out its new mobile wireless controller along with a Flux headset.

Asphalt 7 patch shifts Android gaming into overdrive

Asphalt 7 is a mobile game for Android and iOS that allows players to drive 60 different sports cars, including vehicles design by Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

Google Drive updated for Android & iOS

Mountain View has rolled out an updated version of its Google Drive that offers new features for both iOS and Android devices.

Angry Birds spin-off to star Bad Piggies

It has finally happened - the pigs from Angry Birds are getting their own game.

Wild Blood game play trailer surfaces from Gameloft

I'm quite certain that a fair number of gamers out there, even those who prefer PC gaming like myself, have been impressed by some of the iOS and Android mobile titles currently on the market.

Just playing around with apps

Back in March, Apple confirmed that its iOS app store had hit the 25 billion downloads mark - prompting me to wonder what the most popular programs were for both the iPhone and iPad.

iOS flaw allows SMS spoofing

A well-known hacker claims to have found a significant security flaw in iOS, allowing SMS messages to be spoofed.

The strategy of MacOS/iOS vs. Windows 8

Apple and Microsoft are fielding two very different interfaces at the moment, with Cupertino using platform differences to accelerate change.

iOS to lose YouTube app

From this fall, the pre-installed YouTube app will disappear from Apple's operating system, with the launch of iOS 6.