The next net: Developing our own decentralized Internet

New ideas, though frequently unpopular, have the potential to change society and create new theoretical frameworks. A decentralized, community based Internet is a new idea worth putting into action.    

Internet did not kill the radio star

Radio survived talkies and television, and now it's actually doing OK in the Internet age. 

In fact, the medium is taking advantage of the Internet, as evidenced by the new Contour Internet-connected digital radio that Pure brought to the Consumer Electronics Show.

Yes, some people actually do pay for Internet content

As the battle rages on about whether consumers will pay for the Internet content they consume, a new report authored by Pew sheds some light on the average surfer’s buying habits.

Ceiling lights relay Internet data

Either an innovative way to cut down on Internet congestion or the prescription for a Pokemon-style seizure a la 1990, researchers are looking towards flickering lights to act as a possible new avenue for short-range Internet communications.

House Judiciary chairman: WikiLeaks did not commit a crime

There was an interesting development in the WikiLeaks saga on Thursday. You probably didn’t hear about it over the weekend because the fawning corporate media was too busy comparing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Warning: UN wants to regulate the Internet

The United Nations is reportedly mulling the formation of an inter-governmental working group to "harmonize" global efforts by policy makers to regulate the Internet.

Expert: Internet was never free or open and never will be

As WikiLeaks struggles to keep itself online, we are seeing an increase in corporate and government censorship aimed at controlling the flow of information.

Opinion: BitTorrent crackdown is Big Media fascism

The government is shutting down Web sites and it looks like they don’t need a law on the books to claim the authority to micromanage the Internet on behalf of Big Media companies.

Higher-income Americans more tech-savvy

People with higher incomes use the internet far more than those earning less, according to a study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

EU sets tighter data protection rules

Facebook and Google are to be forced to ask users' permission before downloading personal data under new EU privacy rules expected to be announced today.

Is the Internet "kill switch" a good idea?

Should the President of the United States be granted the power to flip an Internet "kill switch" in the event of a coordinated cyber offensive?

Is that an Intel chip inside your connected TV?

Smart TV is set to couple the Internet and Television entertainment into a seamless package. It is quite unlike WebTV, which turns your television into something of a underpowered personal computer.

Two billion people to be online this year

A third of the world's population will be online by the end of the year, according to a report from the International Telecommunications Union.

Congress ready to blacklist sites for Big Media

The legislative branch of the US Government is about to discuss a bill that favors big media corporations. The bill would be a big win for corporate censorship advocates and grant the government increased power to censor the Internet.

R.E.M. and Moby want an open Internet

What do R.E.M., Moby, Jackson Browne, Rosanne Cash and Bonnie Raitt have in common? I mean, besides the obvious fact that they are all aging rockers, of course.

A quarter of people stay online during sex

What are you doing now, at the same time as reading this article? Be honest, now - because security firm PC Tools has done a survey, and says lots of you like to get jiggy while online.

Did the Internet kill Blockbuster?

Blockbuster has fought valiantly in recent years to defend itself against threats from online contenders such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. But now it seems as if the industry heavyweight is getting ready to throw in the proverbial towel.

Software searches for faces online

A new program will soon be released which can scan social networks for pictures of particular individuals.

Democrats slam internet 'fast lane'

Four democratic representatives have attacked the network neutrality plan submitted by Google and Verizon, adding to the storm over the proposal.

Geeks get more girlfriends, says survey

Internet access gets you laid, according to sociologists, who say it increases the chances of being in a romantic relationship.