Scientists give computers "hindsight" to tell the future

Humans know that hindsight is 20/20 and the result of this is usually what we call regret.

Toyota and Microsoft unveil 'smart car' plans

Microsoft and Toyota have teamed up in a $12 million deal to bring a range of internet services to Toyota cars.

Old woman cuts off Armenia's internet

Well, Libya did it, Egypt did it - and now one old woman in Georgia has done it, cutting off a country's entire internet for several hours.

Assange: Internet is the "greatest spying machine"

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently warned that the Internet was the "greatest spying machine the world has ever seen."

Commentary: People are giving up Facebook for Lent

People of a religious persuasion like to give up things that are "bad" for Lent. That means that in 2011, people are giving up Facebook to make god happy.

Email fosters 'vicious' rumor-mongering

Spending lots of time on the internet doesn't make you more gullible - but reading rumor-filled emails does, say researchers.

Internet "kill switch" gets a makeover

Three senators have introduced a revised cybersecurity reform bill that "explicitly" prohibits the president of the Unites States from shutting down the Internet during an emergency or digital attack.

Analysis: Two of Five FCC Commissioners don’t think the FCC can regulate Internet

There is a new development in the war to save the Internet. As expected the two Republicans among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said that they don’t think that the FCC can regulate the Internet.

Feds demand veto power over new domain names

The Obama administration is demanding the authority - along with other governments - to veto future top-level Internet domain suffixes.

Boeing-owned firm 'helped Egypt eavesdrop'

Advocacy group Free Press is alleging that a Californian company has been helping the Egyptian government inspect the contents of email, Twitter and Facebook messages.

Internet forced to switch over to IPv6, how much will it really cost?

With mounting Y2K-like concern, many are increasingly worried about what exactly will happen now that last batch of IPv4 ISP addresses have been allocated.

Egypt emerges from internet blackout

Egypt is back on the internet, after a five-day shut-down linked to unrest in the country.

Still some space left with iPv4

With the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) set to make a major announcement this week relating to the dwindling pool of available iPv4 addresses, a new internet census has revealed the extent of the problem.           

Old tech lets Egyptians' voices be heard

Google and Twitter have come up with a way to let Egyptians tweet despite the country's internet shut-down.

Egypt unplugs from the internet

Egypt is effectively offline, after the government cut off almost all internet access late last night.

DoJ calls for longer retention of internet usage data

The Department of Justice - in conjunction with the International Association of Chiefs of Police - is calling on internet service providers to hang onto customer usage data for up to two years.

Israeli startup announces first in-car Internet system

When I started driving, the only cool car add-on I had was the standard car radio. Well, the digital driving experience has certainly come a long way with satellite radio, GPS navigation, built-in entertainment and now, the first Internet and entertainment system designed specificially for cars.

Mom pulls the plug on her family's electronic addiction

Nowadays there are more obstacles to getting things done than ever before. Think: text messages, new MP3 songs, calls, instant messages, the iPad, prime time TV and streaming videos.

Now Al Gore is defending the Internet

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore is calling on the public - yes, you - to "defend the Internet" from greedy corporate interests and clueless shills.


Internet kill switch may just make things worse

An academic report commissioned by the OECD warns that a proposed US Internet "kill switch" is likely to compound the effects of any cyber attack or war.