Internet addicts more likely to take drugs

Researchers are calling for drugs warnings on gaming sites, following the discovery that 'internet addicts' appear to be more likely to take illegal drugs.

Extinct human's genome placed on internet

Scientists have reconstructed the entire genome of an extinct type of human from a 30,000-year-old finger bone, and made it available on the internet.

New material promises faster internet

Arizona State University researchers have created a new material that they say can be used to develop next-generation computers, improve the internet, increase the efficiency of silicon-based photovoltaic cells and improve solid-state lighting and sensor technology.

Juniper router bug knocks websites offline

Websites across Europe and North America went down yesterday, apparently thanks to a problem with Juniper routers.

Chinese firms agree to step up net censorship

The top Chinese internet forms have agreed to increase the regulation of their services at the government's request.

Pentagon opposes UN regulation of the Internet

The commander of the U.S. Cyber Command says he opposes allowing the United Nations (UN) to regulate the Internet.

Internet 'as important as food and shelter'

A third of college college students and young professionals around the world consider the internet to be as important as air, water, food and shelter, according to a survey from Cisco.

Why China is the new Silicon Valley

There is a deeply ingrained mindset among those who work in China's increasingly hot technology sector that foreign Internet companies are doomed to fail here.

Anticensorship scheme could make site blocking a thing of the past

Computer science researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Waterloo in Canada have come up with a radical new approach to beating internet censorship.

Top Finnish prosecutor wants to stop online hate speech

Authoritarian calls to monitor "dangerous language" used on the Internet are growing in Finland, with one senior government official claiming he is pursuing such an initiative for the public's own good.

Google+ now has 25 million users

Google is trying to be the industry leader in every Internet service. It looks like it’s working, they’re getting people to use their social networking services at Google+ at a fast pace.

Google snaps up Dealmap

Google is taking a highlander approach when it comes to providing Internet services. They’re buying up companies that provide popular services, because in the end there can be only one.

Finland to step up 'Net monitoring after Norway attacks

Finnish police are taking no chances after the attacks on their neighbors in Norway. They are going to begin watching the Web more strictly for signs of extremism.

18 million alleged file-sharers tracked in France

Since last October, French lawmakers have been gunning for illegal file-sharers in a three-strike system under the auspices of "Hadopi" anti-piracy legislation.

Afghani city builds its own internet

With internet censorship sweeping the globe, one group in Afghanistan has the answer - build your own from cheap parts and trash.

Tenn. bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"

The state of Tennessee is leading the charge to turn America into a fascist police state. They’re using “emotional distress” as an excuse to strip their citizens of their First Amendment rights.

Internet 'legal highs' contain banned substances

Beware of buying 'legal highs' from the internet - many don't have the claimed ingredients, and some contain controlled subtances, analysis shows.

Using human voice in social media helps organizations build relationships

The use of social media by various organizations has exploded in the last few years. The problem is that short text-based messages lack a human element the public desires.

Netflix becomes biggest source of internet traffic

Video streaming company Netflix is now the biggest single source of internet traffic, accounting for well over a quarter of all bandwidth.

Analysis: New US anti-piracy bill will kill the Internet

The US government is determined to stop online piracy, even if it means turning the Internet into a full on virtual police state.