Cuba finally switches on undersea cable

Cuba appears to have turned on the first submarine cable to connect it to the internet, nearly two years after it was completed.

PC market stagnates as mobile accelerates

The traditional PC market is stagnating because people are increasingly relying on mobile device to access the Internet.

Syria shutters internet as conflict intensifies

The internet is down in Syria, and mobile phone service has been disrupted,  as rebels continue to clash with government forces.

Is the universe built like the internet?

The universe may be structured a lot like the human brain and even the internet, and similar laws may govern its growth.

AT&T may begin six-strike piracy plan next month

AT&T could very well be the first Internet service provider to begin what is being called the "six strikes" anti-piracy campaign.

Iran restores Gmail, but YouTube block continues

Iran has lifted its block on Google services, imposed last week, but says it's planning extra censorship of YouTube.

Square Enix wants console quality games on web browsers

It  seems as if cross-platform browser-based gaming has really picked up over the last few months.

'Cat signal' marks launch of Internet Defense League

The internet has a new crusader to defend it: the Internet Defense League, which has launched with a fanfare and its own 'laughing cat' version of the bat signal.

NBC takes control of

Microsoft is no longer a part of NBC's online news presence.

Inspector SpaceTime trailer spoofs Doctor Who

If you've ever watched the NBC TV show Community, you probably recall the episode when Inspector SpaceTime made his debut.

Time Warner Cable expands broadband data caps

Time Warner Cable is expanding its tests of tiered broadband data service.

Accelerating Internet search with quantum computing

Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) recently demonstrated how quantum computing could theoretically accelerate the way web page ranks are calculated.

Important building block for quantum internet developed

Scientists at the University of Innsbruck say they've created the first efficient and tunable interface for quantum networks.

Depressed students surf the net differently

Surfing the internet randomly and using file-sharing programs may be a sign of depression, say researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Unplugging: Fates change, things look up and the Internet keeps going strong

Music is always changing. Fads come and go, bands break up, and some things stay the same for years and years.

Groupon Rewards goes national

The leading daily deal site is trying to become more than just a one-trick pony.

iPavement makes the road a web hotspot

Personally, I think wiring cities for widespread Internet access is a very good idea indeed.

Al Gore accepted into Internet Hall of Fame

Al Gore is being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame; after all, he invented it, right?

DNSChanger victims could lose internet in July

Hundreds of thousands of computer users around the world are in danger of losing their internet connection this summer, thanks to a global malware infection.

These chips are mini Internets

Despite Moore's Law, the speed of computer chips has stagnated over recent years, with manufacturers routinely adding additional cores to increase processing power.