Testing protocols in Internet of Things by a formal passive technique

Protocol conformance and performance testing are two branches of testing designed to determine compliance and performance of protocol implementations to their standard. Dr. CHE Xiaoping and Dr. MAAG Stephane from Laboratory UMR 5157 of French Centre national de la recherché scientifique (CNRS) focus on converging these two kinds of testing in a same formal approach.

Who needs a $249 thermostat?

Google's purchase of uber-cool thermostat and fire alarm maker Nest for $3.2 billion isn't that difficult to understand: Internet of things = you need things, Internet-y things, to sell. Are we going to see Google, Microsoft and Apple now duke it out in the aisles of Home Depot?

M2M Data Will Dominate the Big Data Era

M2M data is data derived from sensors attached to machines/products/devices that collect all kinds of data, from GPS coordinates, temperature data to usage data. M2M data literally is data between two or machines and ultimately between machines and people. First the data is exchanged from a remote machine/product/device ...

Google is preparing for screenless computers

The spread of computing to every corner of our physical world doesn’t just mean a proliferation of screens large and small—it also means we’ll soon come to rely on mobile computers with no screens at all. “It’s now so inexpensive to have a powerful computing device in my ...

Google Glasses offer Orwellian nightmare

While the geekier of us have been frothing at the mouth dreaming of ugly glasses that are sort of like smartphones, one group is dead against it: Stop The Cyborgs argues that technology trends are leading the world into a future where "privacy is impossible and central control total".

Raspberry Pi powers Adafruit's printer kit

Are you the DIY sort who likes to mod and build electronic gadgets? If so, you might want to check out the Internet of Things Wireless Printer kit.