Report: IE headed to the Xbox 360 with full Kinect control

The Xbox 360 was originally designed as a video game system, although the console is now one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the United States.

Is Internet Explorer 9 energy friendly?

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) claims to conserve power in ways that no other modern browsers have before. 

Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times

In just 24 hours, Microsoft registered more than 2.3 downloads of its newest Web browser.

Internet Explorer 9 is open for business

As promised, Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer, adding new feature to help it better compete with Firefox and Chrome.

Microsoft says IE9 would not be Pwn2Owned

Internet Explorer is in the headlines today, but not in a good way. The browser was compromised and shown to be dangerously exploitable in an annual contest called Pwn2Own.

Microsoft to introduce new anti-tracking feature in IE9

Internet Explorer 9 is to include a new anti-tracking feature to help users foil the efforts of behavioral advertisers.