Google Chrome gets a revamp

Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Microsoft fined $733 million for 'forgetting' browser choice screen

The European Commission has slapped Microsoft with a €561 million fine for failing to do as it was told and make it easier for users to choose a different web browser.

German government: just say no to IE

Due to a major security glitch in Internet Explorer, the German government is urging its citizens to avoid using the browser.

Four in ten Americans threatened by IE zero-day flaw

Microsoft is warning users of a new zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer that could affect hundreds of millions of people.

EU to investigate Microsoft over browser choice (again)

Remember when the European Commission found Microsoft guilty of anti-trust practices and ordered it to offer users a choice of browser?

Chrome browser will come to Windows 8

Microsoft wants to be willing to support third-party browsers in its new operating system.

Windows 8 will value your privacy (kind of)

If you like the idea of online privacy, Windows 8 might just be for you.

Report: Chrome becomes top browser

In just a few short years, Google's Chrome browser has taken the world by storm.

Internet Explorer market share rises

Microsoft's Web browser may be experiencing a nice turnaround after years of nearly consistent decline.

Microsoft redesigns IE for a new Metro age

Redmond has revamped it flagship Internet Explorer (IE) 10 browser to match the style and feel of Windows 8 Metro - a slick UI targeted at tablets and other mobile devices.  

Google will add "Do Not Track" to Chrome

If you use Chrome and you don't like the idea of Google tracking your every click and website visit, you will soon have a "do not track" option.

Google tricks IE privacy settings too, says Microsoft

Following last week's revelation that Google was bypassing privacy settings in Apple's Safari browser, Microsoft's accused it of doing the same thing with Internet Explorer.

Report points to Chrome overtaking Firefox soon

It looks like Chrome is doing a pretty formidable job at becoming the new choice for Internet users who want something other than Internet Explorer.

Study linking IE users to low IQ was a hoax

A seemingly legitimate study that showed Internet Explorer users as having starkly low IQs has turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

Google Apps ending support for older browsers

If you've been hesitant to update your Internet browser, you may want to pay attention to this.

Firefox 4 hits 100 million downloads

It was a nice weekend for Mozilla.

Internet Explorer 9 coming March 14

It took Microsoft a while to nail down an official date for the release of its next Web browser, but it has done just that now in setting March 14 as the official launch date of Internet Explorer 9.

Forget IE, Chrome FTW!

New statistics published by Net Applications indicate that Google's popular Chrome browser has managed to capture an impressive 10% of the rather competitive market. 

Europeans hatin' on Internet Explorer

It’s official: Mozilla’s Firefox has overtaken Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to become the numero uno browser in Europe.

Microsoft sets one-day patch record

Year after year after year, Microsoft has consistently kept its software up-to-date and as safe as possible by releasing security fixes to users at the same time every month. But none of these updates has ever been as big as the one that was pushed out to Windows customers yesterday.