Internet use can help ward off depression among elderly

It’s estimated that as many as 10 million older Americans suffer from depression, often brought on by feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, new research – a project that followed the lives of thousands of retired older Americans for six years – found that Internet use among the elderly can reduce the chances of depression by more than 30 percent.

Future internet aims to sever links with servers

Researchers have taken the first step towards a radical new architecture for the internet, which they claim will transform the way in which information is shared online, and make it faster and safer to use.

Solving the internet capacity crunch

With optical fibre networks gradually approaching their theoretical capacity limits, new types of fibres such as multicore fibres have been at the focus of worldwide research to overcome critical capacity barriers, which threaten the evolution of the Internet.

Claim: Internet's backbone can be made more sustainable

Most big data centers, the global backbone of the Internet, could slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 88 percent by switching to efficient, off-the-shelf equipment and improving energy management, according to new research.

Google's Project Loon wants to eliminate internet dead zones

I’ll admit it. I’m uncomfortable when traveling through internet dead zones. On one hand, I’m thankful they exist, because they force people like me to unplug. On the other, I realize that education and opportunity suffer in the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have access to a reliable internet connection.

Microsoft gives up - abandons Xbox One restrictions

Microsoft, reeling from weeks of criticism over a slew of Xbox One restrictions, has abruptly issued an update about its next-gen console. 

Microsoft: Xbox One needs the Internet every 24 hours

Microsoft has confirmed that its upcoming Xbox One console will require an Internet connection every 24 hours.

USA tops on internet front: Antarctica not far behind

The CIA World Factbook is a really useful resource for discovering information about places you’ve never been.

Obama promises net wiretap legislation

It appears that Barack Obama will become known for his internet wiretapping laws.

Is the game industry ready for "always-on" consoles?

Multiple claims that Microsoft's upcoming 720 (Next) console will require an "always-on" Internet connection for games to load have sparked both controversy and dismay in recent weeks.

Confusion reigns over Xbox 720 "always-on" internet rumors, Xbox Mini may be on the horizon

A number of reports circulating over the past few weeks have claimed that Microsoft's upcoming 720 (Next) console will require an "always-on" Internet connection for games to load.

Microsoft exec sees nothing wrong with "always-connected" game consoles

I've always believed many hardware engineers and game devs simply don't understand that a huge amount of people in the United States live in rural areas.

Egypt foils internet terrorist plot

The Egyptian navy has once more succeeded in stopping the Sea People cutting off Egypt from the outside world.

Europe votes for internet pornography

The EU has changed its mind about trying to ban internet porn.

Robots get their own internet

Scientists have turned on a web-based database specifically for robots, designed to let them share information about their behavior and environment.

Time Warner exec says you don't want gigabit internet

Time Warner Cable chief technology officer Irene Esteves has claimed that ordinary consumers don't want super-fast internet speeds.

The internet has a Kevin Bacon number: 19

The internet is less sprawling than you might think: through its own 'Kevin Bacon effect', it seems every page is connected to every other by no more than 19 clicks.

Entering the quantum Internet at the speed of light

A team of Innsbruck University physicists have managed to directly transfer the quantum information stored in an atom onto a particle of light - theoretically allowing data to be sent over optical fiber to a distant atom.

Video: Project S.E.R.A. is infected with zombies

A new web series dubbed Project S.E.R.A.has surfaced. The production is of exceptionally hight quality, and I can even see this project adopted by a network like SyFy in the future.

Things get expensive for Google in France

The French government has released proposals to tax online businesses for the collection of personal data, in a move that would dramatically increase their currently-tiny tax bills.