Will Twitter become less interactive?

Popular social media site Twitter may eventually resemble a broadcast medium like television or radio, with users reading messages written by celebrities and corporations rather than writing their own "tweet" messages of up to 140 characters.

Apple designs an interactive augmented reality (AR) system

Apple recently patented an augmented reality (AR) system capable of identifying objects in a live video stream and presenting corresponding information via a computer generated information layer overlaid on top of the real-world image.

The interactive capabilities of Microsoft's Xbox 720

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 (Next) console will reportedly support wake-on-voice, natural language controls and speech-to-text.

Interactive 3D to come to HTML

Web developers could soon be able to start including interactive 3D in their applications, thanks to new standardization efforts.

Supernatural Dishonored trailer goes interactive

Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios have posted an interactive trailer for Dishonored, an upcoming steampunk-themed action RPG.

Frankenstein reworked as interactive ebook

The author of Frankenstein for iOS used to be a games designer - but don't expect this interactive version of Mary Shelley's classic book to feature any technicolor monsters lurching out of the screen.

Interactive Avatar is coming to iTunes

Apple has clinched a lucrative deal with Twentieth Century Fox for a special iTunes edition of James Cameron's "Avatar" that will be packaged with new bonus interactive features.

Interactive window responds to shoppers' commands

A new interactive store window display allows window-shoppers to see merchandise from any angle, read more information and even buy, simply by pointing.

Will Apple's next iMac have a touchscreen?

What would make Apple's iMac even cooler, sleeker and sexier than it already is? Well, an interactive touchscreen, of course!

Augmented reality prompts smartphone evolution

The increase in augmented reality and location awareness applications has prompted a salient evolution in the smartphone ecosystem.