Humans may be becoming less intelligent

A new study suggests that humans may be (slowly) losing our intellectual and emotional abilities because they're at risk from mutation or loss from the genome.

Human beings unlikely to get cleverer

Given that we've been evolving for millions of years, and generally reckon it's our intelligence that's given us the edge as a species, it's perhaps surprising that we're all not a little bit brighter.

Clever kids more likely to take drugs

Children with high IQs - and especially girls - are more likely to take illegal drugs in their 30s, new research shows.

Army spent $2.7 billion on FUBAR computer system

A $2.7 billion U.S. Army computer system that doesn't function properly is reportedly interfering with efforts to fight insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army preps smartphones for combat

The US military has long experimented with mobile devices for use in combat. Next week, the Army plans to conduct field trials with Apple's iPhone, Android handsets and various tablet computers.

How cupcakes brought down Al-Quaeda website

Cupcakes: pretty harmless, right? Not to Al-Quaeda, it seems.

Universal tests of intelligence for humans and animals

Scientists are developing a new intelligence test that can be taken by any living creature. It will allow for comparison of intelligence between humans and animals.

US DoD confirms 2008 cyber-attack

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has traced the origins of a 2008 cyber-attack to an unauthorized flash drive that was inserted into a military laptop somewhere in the Middle East.

Intelligent people more likely to be left-wing atheists

Higher intelligence is associated with liberal political ideology and atheism, a statistical study has found.