IDF vs. the iPhone: Are we idiots?

I’m at Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) today and also covering the iPhone 5 launch at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Intel teases Haswell at IDF 2012

Intel has offered up details of its 4th-generation Core processor family based on Haswell microarchitecture at its annual developers forum in San Francisco, California.

Analyst: Sleek tablets threaten Intel PCs

A prominent industry analyst has issued a wary assessment of Intel's (x86) PC prospects in a mobile world increasingly dominated by ARM-powered smartphones and tablets.

Can HP & Intel build the world’s most efficient data center?

As more energy management systems become automated, the search for a data center design that doesn’t gobble up absurd amounts of energy is heating up. 

Intel sees weaker x86 chip demand

"It's worse than everyone expected... Intel's consumer PC business is getting whacked."

Intel wants more power efficient chips

Intel says it remains on track to reduce the energy consumption of its flagship processor lineup by a whopping 41%. 

Yes, Wintel (x86) dominance is waning

The dominance of the Intel-Microsoft cartel is slowly waning, with the two industry heavyweights forced to play catch-up with rivals in a brave new mobile era.

Intel is inside this Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The smartphone market is currently dominated by ARM-powered devices, rather than x86 handsets.

Nintendo slammed for conflict mineral negligence

Nintendo has made no effort whatsoever to avoid the use of conflict minerals, a campaign group has claimed.

J&W details fanless nettop specs

Nettops are typically systems that don't offer loads of raw processing power. However, such devices do boast a smaller footprint, cheaper price and quieter operation.

Anand Chandrasekher ditches x86 for ARM

Former Intel bigwig Anand Chandrasekher has joined Qualcomm as chief marketing officer (CMO).

On ARM versus x86: Part II

Yes, there are some downsides to RISC processors.

On ARM versus x86

It seems like everyone in the industry wants to compare ARM (and other variants of RISC processors) to x86 (and other variants of CISC processors).

Durango Xbox 720 dev kit may be the real deal

A mysterious looking Xbox 720 development kit recently offered for sale online at a cool $10,000 may be real the deal after all.

ARM bullish on FinFET technology

 for SoCs

ARM CEO Warren East says he is unconcerned that rival chip designer Intel has developed a salient lead in process technology over the foundries ARM licensees typically deal with.

AMD preps low-power x86 Jaguar core for tablets

AMD is readying its low-power x86 Jaguar core for an August debut at Hot Chips 2012. 

Giada i53 PC consumes only 35 W and rocks Intel Ivy Bridge power

China-based Giada is showcasing a new mini PC with sweet specs that is uber power efficient.

Intel warned over Ultrabooks

Poor retail demand for traditional x86 PCs and slow growth in emerging markets have forced Santa Clara to lower its outlook for the second half of 2012. 

ARM chips may prompt x86 PC exodus

A number of Intel's biggest customers and partners are reportedly "exploring" the use of RISC-based ARM chips that could ultimately find their way into future PCs and servers. 

Your life in 2020 according to Intel

Imagining the future can be fun, but I personally believe the best way to predict future events or products is to help create them.