Intel invests billions to create American jobs

Intel is investing $8 billion to prep its American facilities for next-gen processing technology.

Intel sobers up about x86 mobile

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has acknowledged that the company's entry into the smartphone and tablet markets is likely to be an uphill battle as it struggles to compete against entrenched ARM-based devices. 

Apple gets back to the Mac

Apple is apparently shifting its focus back to the shiny Mac after conquering the tablet market with its "magical" iPad.

Microsoft, Intel and eBay (sort of) support online privacy

Microsoft, Intel and eBay have voiced their tentative support for an online privacy bill crafted by Congressman Bobby L. Rush.

Intel eyes iPhone apps for x86-based mobile devices

Intel is reportedly coding a utility that will allow devs to easily port iPhone applications to x86-based mobile devices.

TaintDroid tracks unauthorized phone data use

A new prototype Android extension automatically detects apps that are trsnsmitting private data - and finds that as many as half of popular applications do.

Hi-tech firms settle no-poaching deal with DoJ

As expected, the Department of Justice has reached a settlement with six high technology companies – Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit  and Pixar – barring them from entering into no-solicitation agreements for employees. 

GeForce GTX 460M shifts Qosmio laptops into overdrive

Toshiba has souped-up its Qosmio X500 laptop series with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460M.

Intel’s Misunderstood Upgradable Chip

There are some weeks I’m sure as hell glad I’m not a CMO. Case in point today Intel was pounded by Engadget readers for creating what appeared to be a crippled chip that, for a fee, you could un-cripple.  OK  take a breath it isn't that bad.

Intel demands $50 for CPU unlock

Want to unlock those extra threads and cache cache on your new Pentium G6951 processor? Well, you'll just have to shell out an extra $50 to Intel for the privilege.

Tech firms near deal with DoJ over staff poaching

With the Justice Department investigating the affair, some of the US' largest tech companies are said to be close to settling allegations that they conspired to keep wages artificially low.

Intel touts "context-aware" computing at IDF 2010

IDF 2010 - Intel CTO Justin Rattner believes the future of computing lies in rich, context-driven user experiences.

Intel and Adobe target Apple's app store

IDF 2010 - Adobe and Intel are attempting to challenge the Flash-less Apple by launching an initiative to promote Air apps and games in the latter company's AppUp store.

Intel showcases Tunnel Creek SoC at IDF 2010

Intel is showcasing its next-gen Atom E600 SoC lineup at IDF 2010. 

Formerly codenamed "Tunnel Creek," the versatile E600 features an open interconnect that allows the chip to be easily fitted into a wide variety of form factors, including in-car infotainment systems, Internet phones and smart grid devices.

Intel launches AppUp at IDF 2010

Intel launches its recently inaugurated AppUp store for netbooks at IDF 2010.

Intel ray-traces Wolfenstein in the Cloud

IDF 2010 - Intel is showcasing a ray-traced demo of Wolfenstein rendered in the Cloud and streamed to a small laptop.

Intel details Sandy Bridge specs

Intel offered journalists and analysts a technical sneak peek of its upcoming second-gen Core processor lineup at IDF 2010.

Do discrete GPUs have a future?

The PC market is clearly undergoing a paradigm shift, with the introduction of next-gen graphics platforms by industry heavyweights such as Intel (Sandy Bridge) and AMD (Ontario/Llano).

Will Intel's Sandy Bridge pose a threat to discrete GPUs?

Intel's Sandy Bridge is apparently capable of outperforming all current integrated graphics platforms. But does the processor microarchitecture threaten low-end, discrete GPUs?

Intel snaps up Infineon's Wireless business

Intel has acquired Infineon's Wireless Solutions (WLS) business for a cool $1.4 billion. The unit - which is expected to operate as a "standalone" entity - will allow Intel to significantly accelerate its embedded and mobile road maps.