Is Intel killing x86 architecture?

Microsoft running Windows on ARM SoCs? Nvidia building a RISC-powered CPU? Yes, the industry message to Intel is crystal clear: We will no longer be bound by the shackles of x86 architecture.

OS X crosses Intel's Sandy Bridge

Well, that didn't take too long! Yes, a talented team of Apple fanbois have successfully installed OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on a screaming Hackintosh running Intel's Core i5-2500K CPU.

Intel locks down high-def content with Sandy Bridge

Intel has confirmed that its Sandy Bridge processor micro-architecture features integrated content protection designed to thwart high-end digital piracy.

LucidLogix goes virtual for Sandy Bridge

LucidLogix has debuted GPU virtualization software designed for use with Intel's Sandy Bridge platform.

AMD at CES: The ATI gamble pays off

Over the last several weeks I’ve been briefed on what most of the PC manufacturers are bringing to the Consumer Electronics show and a surprising amount of laptops are based on AMD Fusion.  

Intel to introduce processor with remote kill switch

Intel is preparing to launch its Sandy Bridge processors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The most interesting thing about these new processors is the kill switches that are built into them.

Sandy Bridge gets GeForced

PC vendors are poised to launch over 200 systems in the first half of 2011 that will feature Nvidia GeForce GPUs paired with next-gen Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs.

Chip Wars: Mortal combat or stalemate?

The bloody Chip War of Attrition between Intel and AMD appears to have entered a new phase: stalemate. 

Is Apple choosing Intel over Nvidia?

Apple has reportedly chosen to deploy Intel Sandy Bridge processors in its 2011 MacBook lineup.

HDMI killed the analog star

A number of industry heavyweights - including Intel, AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG - have agreed to significantly accelerate the adoption of DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces.

ARM chuckles as Intel reshuffles

Intel is reshuffling its mobile division in what could be a Sisyphean effort to challenge ARM's dominance in the lucrative marketplace. 

Linutop gets Intel Atom makeover

Interested in picking up a low-cost, Linux-powered nettop for the holidays? Well, you may want to check out the Linutop 3. 

Yes, ARM scares PCs

PC market forecasters have lowered their previously enthusiastically high sales forecast for 2010 from an annual growth (over 2009) of 18% down to 14% - which is a 32% reduction.

Intel backs portable fuel cell charger

Lilliputian System’s portable fuel-cell charger - about the size of a deck of cards and intended to power up small electronics like cells phones and iPods - now appears closer to reality. 

Intel eyes 1,000-core processor

A prototype Intel chip that currently contains 48 cores could eventually be transformed into a 1,000-core processor.

Mobile Wars: ARM says Intel's Atom just isn't good enough

ARM CEO Warren East says that Intel's x86-based Atom processor is currently less efficient than RISC-powered mobile chips.

Report: Intel to deploy Light Peak in early 2011

Intel is reportedly preparing to deploy its Light Peak transfer protocol during the first half of 2011.

Is that an Intel chip inside your connected TV?

Smart TV is set to couple the Internet and Television entertainment into a seamless package. It is quite unlike WebTV, which turns your television into something of a underpowered personal computer.

Is Intel too late for tablets?

Intel currently dominates the PC market and is hoping to replicate its success in the tablet space.

Google TV is here, it’s here!

Google recently introduced its long-awaited, long speculated about TV. Unlike the little devices like the Orb, Roku, or AppleTV, GoogleTV returns to the set-top box model and it’s based on Chrome as an interface.