Tech firms accused of conspiring to keep pay low

Apple, Google and several other tech companies have been conspiring to keep wages down, a new lawsuit alleges.

Intel touts 3D transistors for next-gen chips

Intel has announced plans to introduce an advanced 3D transistor design into high-volume manufacturing at the 22-nanometer (nm) node in its upcoming "Ivy Bridge" chipset.

Apple rolls out new iMac lineup

Apple has refreshed its iMac lineup with Intel quad-core (i5/i7) processors, advanced AMD graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime HD camera.

Intel prepping Thunderbolt successor for 2015 launch

Intel is reportedly developing a new class of interconnect technology capable of transferring data at up to five times the speed of its recently launched Thunderbolt protocol.

Intel ports Honeycomb for x86-powered tablets

Intel is currently in the process of porting Honeycomb (Android 3.0) for use with x86-powered tablets.

Report: Thunderbolt could threaten USB 3.0 adoption

Apple’s decision to include Intel’s Thunderbolt transfer protocol in its current MacBook lineup is likely to have a major impact on the future of USB 3.0.

Five apprehended in California chip heist

Two months ago, almost 1.7 million Intel flash memory chips were stolen from a Unigen facility in California. The total value was initially assessed at $26 million, but since then, has increased to almost $37 million.

Intel: Thunderbolt will co-exist with USB 3.0

A high-ranking Intel executive has confirmed that the recently launched Thunderbolt (formerly known as Light Peak) transfer protocol will peacefully co-exist alongside USB 3.0. 

Intel and Micron sample 20nm NAND flash memory

Intel and Micron have introduced a 20-nanometer (nm) process technology for manufacturing NAND flash memory.

Intel wants Thunderbolt for the masses

Intel has confirmed that developer kits for its recently launched Thunderbolt transfer protocol will be made publicly available this quarter.

Intel resurrects MeeGo in Beijing

When Nokia effectively pulled the plug on MeeGo, the feisty, yet scorned operating system refused to yield, muttering defiantly that it "didn't hear no bell."

Intel's Oak Trail challenges ARM to a mobile duel

Intel has debuted its next-gen mobile Atom chip at the Developer Forum in Beijing.

For AMD, the tablet game is all about timing

Yes, AMD is finally getting serious about tablets. And why not?

PC gaming is back, baby!

The PC Gaming Alliance wants you to know the industry spotlight has shifted from consoles back to where it belongs: on rigs.

SSDs go mainstream with Intel's 320 lineup

Intel is targeting mainstream consumers with its third-generation SSD (solid-state drive) lineup.

Oracle bids adieu to Intel's Itanium microprocessor

Oracle has abruptly stopped "all software development" for Intel's Itanium microprocessor.

Analysis: Chandrasekher blamed for Intel's mobile woes

Anand Chandrasekher, senior VP and GM of Intel's Ultra Mobility Group (UMG), has abruptly resigned to pursue "other interests."

This Russian netbook runs MeeGo

Earlier this week, Intel said reports of MeeGo's unceremonious death at the hands of Nokia and Microsoft had been greatly exaggerated.

Intel claims MeeGo will live on

Intel rep Peter Biddle says reports of MeeGo's rather unceremonious death at the hands of Nokia and Microsoft have been greatly exaggerated.

Intel says 2015 will be the Cloud computing tipping point

Intel, like many other industry heavyweights, believes we are navigating towards a cyber future that will be heavily dominated by Cloud-based  computing.