Intel preps Cloverview for Windows 8 deployment

Microsoft's RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 may have shattered the traditional WinTel paradigm, but Intel is preparing to meet its ARM rival in battle nonetheless.

Analysis: The death of BapCo and SYSmark

The recent pull out of AMD from BapCo and SYSmark certainly has a lot of drama associated with it.

Tilera wants to take on Intel with TILE-Gx processors

Tilera has announced a new 64-bit processor series for cloud datacenters that offers up to 10x the performance per-watt of Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset.

Intel wants ExaFLOPs performance by 2020

Intel VP Kirk Skaugen has outlined Santa Clara's vision of achieving ExaFLOP/s performance - a quintillion computer operations per second - by the end of this decade.

Analyst: Swap into AMD shares and out of Intel

A prominent financial analyst is advising investors to swap into AMD shares and out of Intel.

AMD's Llano - finally, vindication!

AMD launched its landmark and long-awaited Llano processor this week in Bellevue, Washington. In many ways, Llano represents vindication for a strategy than many doubted - but was clearly AMD’s biggest chance to get out from under Intel’s dominance.

Intel’s secret weapon - they can see the future!

Ok, I’ll admit I’m pushing this somewhat, but Intel is unique in its segment because the corporation has a massive R&D budget and formal lab.

Does MeeGo have a future?

An industry insider claims the nascent MeeGo operating system will be dead within 8 months.

Superthin 'Ultrabooks' coming soon, says Intel

Intel's revealed designs for a new type of notebook - new, that is, if you don't count the Macbook Air - based on a thinner form factor and tablet-like features.

ARM looks towards the future at Computex 2011

ARM President Tudor Brown says the company's RISC-powered chips will capture 50% of the mobile personal computer market by 2015.

ARM says Intel isn't even a mobile competitor

ARM exec James Bruce doesn’t seem at all concerned with Intel's latest push to enter the lucrative mobile market.

Apple MacBook still up for grabs in x86-RISC war

Intel CEO Paul Otellini insists Apple isn't going to be ditching x86 processors for RISC-based chips in its MacBook lineup "any time soon."

Microsoft slams Intel over Windows 8 "leak"

Microsoft has criticized Intel for leaking "misleading" information about the next version of Redmond's flagship operating system.

ARM slaps down Intel’s Tri-Gate technology

ARM remains utterly unimpressed with Intel’s recently announced Tri-Gate technology.

Windows 8 will have a multi-tiered approach

Microsoft is planning to have several different versions of its next Windows operating system.

Intel adopts power conscious strategy to counter ARM

Intel has adopted a power conscious strategy in an effort to fortify its x86 perimeter against an ARM offensive into the mainstream PC market. 

Intel details Chrome OS collaboration

Earlier this week, Google debuted its first-gen Chromebook lineup by showcasing several devices from industry heavyweights Samsung and Acer.

Intel eyes next-gen Atom architecture with Silvermont

Intel is reportedly prepping a new Atom chip architecture that "goes beyond" the company's recently introduced 3D Tri-Gate transistors.

Intel's Tri-Gate transistors are ready to battle ARM

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space with its power conscious RISC chips. 

Rumor: Apple to ditch x86 architecture for laptops

A new report claims future Apple laptops will be powered by RISC-based ARM chips, rather than Intel x86 processors.