Intel says 75 new ultrabook designs are on the way

Intel's Ultrabook has been around for a while, but so far sales have remained lower than Santa Clara anticipated. 

Toshiba goes all-in-one with the LX815 and LX835

We rarely hear anything about traditional desktop computers anymore, unless of course Apple unveils a sleek new iMac.

Rogue engineer stole $400 million worth of information from Intel

A former Intel engineer has admitted to stealing information from the chip manufacturer to advance his career at AMD.

Google wants a faster Chromebook

Google is reportedly planning to upgrade its current lineup of Intel Atom-powered Chromebooks with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors.

Intel wants an Ultrabook future in a saturated mobile market

The well-oiled Intel PR machine is kicking into high gear as Santa Clara attempts to tout its Ultrabook concept in an already saturated market.

Intel Talks Xeon E5-2600: It's Not Just About Cores

TG Daily recently had the opportunity to chat with Ajay Chandramouly, Cloud Computing and Data Center Industry Engagement Manager at Intel IT, about the technology improvements in the latest Xeon processors.

Intel's 22nm Valley View Atom is a quad-core SoC

Intel's 22nm "Valley View" Atom processor is reportedly a quad-core SoC loaded with Ivy Bridge graphics.

 The next-gen chip - which could arrive by 2013 - may also offer a 4x performance boost.

Google prepping ARM-powered Chromebooks

The current - rather limited - lineup of Google Chromebooks are powered by Intel’s x86 processors.

Updated: Llano and Sandy Bridge take their toll on Nvidia

Nvidia has reportedly been "forced" to exit its integrated graphics chipsets business following the success of Intel's Sandy Bridge and AMD's Llano APU. 

Intel wants to be inside your tablet and smartphone

Intel's x86 chips may power the majority of the world's PCs, but Santa Clara says it is now ready to "fine-tune" its processor supply chain to target the tablet and smartphone space.

Intel TV – massive success or catastrophic failure?

A few months ago Intel and Mountain View laid a huge egg when they, along with Sony and Logitech, tried to market Google's TV platform. 

Intel puts $100m into connected cars

Intel's set up a $100 million fund to invest in cloud-based 'connected car' technology.

The Ivy Bridge CPUs of Apple’s MacBooks

Intel’s next-gen 22nm Ivy Bridge processors are expected to ship en masse in June 2012, rather than April as originally planned. 

AMD's Apple fiasco

Apple reportedly took a close look at AMD's "Llano" APU for its new MacBook Air lineup last year, but ended up rejecting the processor due to numerous (allegedly) faulty parts.

Can ARM take on x86 notebooks?

ARM is preparing to move into the lucrative notebook market which is currently dominated by Intel x86 processors.

Apple MacBook Air refresh gets detailed

Apple is reportedly preparing to refresh its MacBook Air lineup, which was last updated in July of 2011. 

How much will an Intel tablet cost?

Intel has been eyeing the lucrative mobile space for years, and is now ready to seriously compete against ARM in the hyper-frenetic race for smartphone and tablet market share.

This Intel smartphone runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Intel-powered smartphones have yet to officially hit the the streets, but pictures of one allegedly leaked x86-based Motorola device look pretty sweet to us indeed.

Analyst: Ultrabooks are "just more of the same"

A J.P. Morgan analyst remains unimpressed with the current generation of Intel-powered Windows Ultrabooks, which he believes are "just more of the same."

What you can expect from Windows 8 on ARM

Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky explains what devs and end-users can expect from Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) devices as Redmond preps the first RISC-friendly versions of its flagship OS.