Microsoft Surface tablets: The first true Intel vs. Nvidia battle

The new Microsoft Surface Tablets are pretty sweet indeed. However, I highly doubt most of the industry understands how the tablet's Optical Display will actually change the market.

Acer rolls out Timeline M5 Ultrabook lineup

Acer has debuted its Aspire Timeline M5 lineup of Ultrabooks, which weigh in at 4.3 pounds and measure .81 inches thin. 

Intel trash-talks ARM on mobile

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile market (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC chips. And Intel?

Intel: Second core detrimental to Android performance

Intel is certainly no stranger to making wild claims for its own products and against the competition.

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market?

Is Microsoft the best positioned vendor in the tablet market? Well, given that Redmond has zero market share, promoting such a prediction would be fairly controversial for any analyst.

Asus Transformer AiO boots Windows 8 and Android

Of all the new gear being shown off at Computex 2012 in Taiwan today, I think the sweetest device we've seen so far is the Asus Transformer AiO.

Meet the world's lightest ultrabook

A company called Gigabyte has reportedly come up with a laptop computer that weighs less than any other computer of its kind.

ARM seeks 10%-20% PC market share by 2015

ARM says it remains on track to claim approximately 10%-20% of the notebook PC market by 2014 or 2015. 

Intel eyes a post-Medfield mobile future

Intel recently detailed its post-Medfield plans for the lucrative smartphone market.

Intel vows to outgun rivals as mobile chip war heats up

Intel has vowed to outperform its chip rivals in multiple markets, including in the traditional PC space - which Intel currently dominates - as well as the ARM-controlled mobile sector. 

Intel showcases uber-mini PC board

Intel recently showed off an uber-mini PC board dubbed NUC, or Next Unit of Computing.

Intel dominates semiconductor market

Intel, with total semiconductor revenues of $51.8 billion in 2011, dominated the semiconductor market once again last year.

Intel anticipates major smartphone market share

Intel - which only recently debuted its first Android smartphone - says it expects to become a "big player" in the lucrative handset market over the next five years. 

Google Chrome OS to get Drive integration

Mountain View is preparing to integrate its new Google Drive Cloud-based storage platform with the upcoming version of its flagship Chrome operating system.

ARM threatens Intel's "momentum"

Intel has once again acknowledged that ARM poses a clear and present danger to x86 architecture in the lucrative mobile market.

Intel rolls out Ivy Bridge processors

Intel is rolling out its first batch of Ivy Bridge processors, including 13 quad-core chips targeted at desktop computers. 

'No-poaching' lawsuit can go ahead

Apple, Google and Intel are among seven technology companies to face an antitrust lawsuit over allegations that they conspired not to poach one another's staff.

First Intel smartphone hits the streets... of India

Intel has been trying to enter the lucrative smartphone market for years now, but with little tangible success.

Intel and Microsoft target Apple’s iPad

Intel and Microsoft are clearly disappointed that Apple’s ARM-powered iPad continues to dominate the lucrative mobile sphere.

Intel details Windows 8 tablet specs

The lucrative tablet market is currently dominated by Apple’s ARM-powered iPad. However, the advent of Windows 8 is likely to usher in a new era of x86-based devices.