Integration brings quantum computer a step closer

An international research group led by the University of Bristol has made an important advance towards a quantum computer by shrinking down key components and integrating them onto a silicon microchip.

Analyst: HTML5 devs need stronger OS-chipset integration

Mobile devices with HTML5-compatible browsers remain on track to total 1.4 billion by the end of 2013.

Media multitasking may be good for you after all

Media butterflies, flitting from TV to email to social networking, may be improving their skills at integrating information.

New material gives boost to optical fibers

British and American scientists say they've found a way to embed electronics into optical fibers, simplifying and speeding up telecommunications.

Yahoo now shows what your friends have been reading

Yahoo has linked the US version of Yahoo News with Facebook, allowing users to share articles they've read on the news site with Facebook friends.

Facebook teaming with Skype for integrated video chat?

Just days after Google launched its Google+ social project, Facebook may be about to rain on its parade.

Gowalla integrates with Foursquare, Facebook Places

Gowalla has launched a new version of its iPhone app, adding integration with Foursquare and Facebook Places, its bigger rivals.

Google Earth gains seamless Street View integration

Google's brought a new level of realism to Google Earth, incorporating a more seamless Street View mode and three-dimensional trees.

Apple's Ping gains Twitter integration

Apple's Ping - described at its September launch as the social network of music - has now been integrated into Twitter.

Steve Jobs remains unimpressed with Android

Apple CEO Steve Jobs remains utterly unimpressed with Google's popular Android mobile operating system.

Corporate America slow to adopt social media integration

Well, what a surprise! It seems as if the clueless suits and ties running corporate America have little interest in allowing their employees to have any fun or down time.

Yahoo improves Facebook links

Yahoo has increased its integration with Facebook, allowing users to view their Facebook news feed on Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo home page.

Yahoo integrates tweets into search results and sites

Twitter has sold Yahoo its 'Firehose' - the full feed of public tweets - allowing Yahoo to integrate Twitter feeds into home pages, email accounts and search results.

Yet another Bada Bing: Microsoft search gets Facebook

Forget Google! Microsoft has confirmed that it will soon offer Facebook users full access to its snazzy Bing search engine.