Glimpsing the infrastructure of a gamma-ray burst jet

A new study using observations from a novel instrument provides the best look to date at magnetic fields at the heart of gamma-ray bursts, the most energetic explosions in the universe. An international team of astronomers from Britain, Slovenia and Italy has glimpsed the infrastructure of a burst's high-speed jet.

US DoE shifts hydrogen car infrastructure into overdrive

There are 5,800 publicly available EV charging stations in the United States and people say that’s a roadblock to selling more electric vehicles. So imagine the challenge for fuel-cell vehicles: In the whole country, there are just 76 fueling stations (out of 203 worldwide), and most of them are private.

DHS warns of cyber 9/11

The federal government of the United States has been urging businesses to report cyber attacks on their computer networks for years now.

Fuel cell vehicles need more infrastructure

If hydrogen fuel cell cars are to become an actual reality on the roads of the United States, one of the places they are most likely to first take off in is California.

Facebook and Google should pay us, say European telcos

While telcos in the US are starting to accept the principles of net neutrality, their European counterparts are taking a different approach. They're asking for companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google to help pay for network investments as data usage soars.

Stuxnet a 'game changer', Senate warned

The Stuxnet virus could be tailored to attack many other industrial control systems, a Homeland Security official told senators yesterday.

Report predicts next year's biggest cybersecurity threats

Social networks, mobile devices and infrastructure systems such as the electric grid will be the main tagets of cybercrime next year, according to a new report.

Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

WTF? Microsoft is sending jobs abroad in a new outsourcing deal and deserves to be teabagged.