Cloning quantum information from the past

Popular television shows such as “Doctor Who” have brought the idea of time travel into the vernacular of popular culture. But problem of time travel is even more complicated than one might think. LSU’s Mark Wilde has shown that it would theoretically be possible for time travelers to copy quantum data from the past.

GM's OnStar might start spying on your car for money

There have been some harsh charges leveled at General Motors (GM) over the corporation's controversial OnStar terms and conditions. 

Google wants to find "what you love"

On Tuesday Google released a tool that digs through the Internet to bring you the answer to the question "What do you love?"

Analysis: Google says no special deal for Barack Obama

On Wednesday Google repudiated claims that they gave President Barack Obama insider access to one of their new advertising programs. And a lot of people probably believed them.

Opinion: New York Times digital service is going to fail

I hate the New York Times and their pay walls. They are everything that is wrong with the news industry.

Interactive window responds to shoppers' commands

A new interactive store window display allows window-shoppers to see merchandise from any angle, read more information and even buy, simply by pointing.

PacketWars: Hackers go head-to-head in first ever cyber sport

Is computer hacking a sport? Should it be rewarded with trophies, awards, and maybe even, jobs? A growing trend points to yes.

Obama criticizes generation iPad

US president Barack Obama has criticized the iPad and Xbox 360 for transforming relevant information into a "diversion" and putting "new pressures" on democracy.