Blackberry's global erosion continues

Pretty soon you won't be able to find any region where Blackberry owns the smartphone market.

These green towers clean rivers

Flowing as it does from the highlands of Mount Gede, the once clean and beautiful Ciliwung River in Jakarta, Indonesia was used not just for transportation and irrigation of crops, but even for drinking.

RIM Indonesian boss to be charged over promotion stampede

Research In Motion's country director is under investigation by police after a BlackBerry promotion led to a stampede.

Ken dumps Barbie over rainforest destruction

We've had Barbie the princess, Barbie the doctor, and now we've a new model - Barbie the evil tiger killer.

Blackberry to start censoring porn

Research in Motion is folding to government pressure in Indonesia, where the company faces complete shutdown of its Internet service unless it begins to censor pornographic websites.

Tsunami warning system completed

Six years after the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the  German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS) is finally up and running.

Porn in Indonesian parliament bodes ill for censorship plans

Indonesian journalists got a bit of a shock yesterday, when they were treated to an X-rated video courtesy of the government.