Indiana Jones Is Now Joining Star Wars at Disney

It’s been a little big over a year now that George Lucas signed over his empire to Disney, and it was a surprising move because we always figured George would be running the show no matter what. Yet perhaps as he’s approaching his 70th birthday Lucas wants to focus on other things, and enjoy spending time with his new family.

Steven Spielberg Takes the Hit For Nuking the Fridge

When the fridge was nuked in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, it became synonymous with a series being past its prime. First you jumped the shark, now you nuked the fridge. There’s still talk of another Indiana Jones movie somewhere down the road, but at this point it really feels like all the air has leaked out of the tire, and the whole thing’s gone pretty flat. 

The scientific realities of nuking the fridge

First it was jumping the shark, now it’s nuking the fridge. It’s the phrase that means a series has reached the point of no return and is now irreversibly lame.

Indiana Jones is headed to IMAX

Although it may often be too much to take in all at once, seeing a movie in IMAX can be a hell of an experience.

Indiana Jones is ready for Blu-ray

Way back in the early days of DVD, there were a number of directors who weren't ready to take the plunge, but once everyone realized it was indeed the next step beyond VHS, many happily came aboard.

Kennedy takes over LucasFilm, LucasArts

LucasFilm has announced that Kathleen Kennedy has been appointed co-chair of the studio.

Sci-fi movie auction madness

There have been several movie prop auctions in recent memory that turned up incredible stuff for the genre movie buffs with lots of cash.

Is George Lucas really done?

Anybody who's followed the life and career of George Lucas knows that as optimistic as American Grafitti and Star Wars are, he's got a fairly pessimistic world view.

Indiana Jones may return

Steven Spielberg wasn’t exactly thrilled with the inclusion of certain fantastic elements - such as aliens - in the fourth installment of Indiana Jones.

The $80,000 Indiana Jones whip

Indiana Jones’s whip, the sole survivor out of six that were crafted for Raiders of the Lost Ark, will go up at auction on June 26 via Bonhams in L.A.