World's cheapest tablet launches in India

CORRECTION: We yesterday referred to the Kindle Fire as 'low cost', thanks to its $199 price tag. We now realize it's actually bloody expensive.

India restricts cellphone users to 100 texts per day

In a move that will strike terror into the hearts of teenagers everywhere, India's telecoms regulator has today introduced a cap on the number of text messages that can be sent from a mobile phone.

India finally gets iPhone 4

One of the last major markets to be left in the iPhone dust has now finally received the latest model.

Google Street View comes to India

Google's infamous Street View cars are invading the streets of India.

XXX domain officially banned in India

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved the creation of an ".xxx" domain for all things porn.

Indian consumers, shafted from iPad 2, vow not to buy iPad 1

The iPad 2 is already available in the US and some other major countries, with plans for 25 countries put in place. But India isn't in them.

Fake radiation text spreads across Asia

The Philippine government has been forced to issue a denial, following the spread of a hoax SMS message warning of a radiation hazard to the country.

Blackberry cannot comply with security requests in India

After being told it had to prevent encrypted e-mails being sent over Blackberry mobile servers, Research in Motion has come forth to say it simply cannot comply with that request.

Indian rocket explodes on launch

An Indian rocket was deliberately blown up on Christmas Day less than a minute after launch.

Tablet prototype needs no external power supply

Indian school-children are testing a solar-powered tablet PC being developed by Rice University and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

India reportedly now wants a CDMA iPhone

When Apple invests money into creating something new, you know it'll go all the way. So as long as it's creating a new version of the iPhone, it says it may as well start peddling it to other countries that use the same standard.

India backs down, gives Blackberry another 60 days

Although Blackberry maker Research in Motion faced threats from India of a nationwide service disruption, the country's government has decided to extend its deadline for another 60 days.

Beceem touts dual WiMAX-LTE chip

Beceem Communications has developed a chip that supports multi-mode operation of both WiMAX and LTE, including live handoffs between the two technologies.

India to Blackberry: You have until August 31

Indian officials have officially struck Blackberry with an ultimatum: provide the government with access to secure Blackberry servers or service to millions of India citizens will be cut off.

India threatens RIM over BlackBerry security concerns

The government of India has threatened to partially shut down RIM's BlackBerry network if the company fails to satisfactorily address security concerns over certain smartphone services.

Delhi police use Facebook to catch errant drivers

Anyone that's ever visited Delhi would probably be surprised to discover that it has traffic police at all. It does - a princely 5,000 to supervise the city's 12-million-strong population - but they still need all the help they can get.

India claims it can sell a $35 computer

The Indian government has successfully created a prototype for a new multimedia tablet computer that could sell for $35 and may ultimately drive the price down to $10.

Desperate Apple junkies pay $2,260 for iPad

A number of desperate Apple junkies in India have apparently managed to stave off painful withdrawal symptoms by shelling out over $2,000 for a single iPad.

Nokia sells tunes in world's largest market

Nokia is to launch its Comes with Music service in China, hoping that tapping into the world's largest mobile market will help it gain ground against Apple's iTunes.

Cinese cyberspies target Dalai Lama

Researchers have uncovered a Chinese cyber-espionage network which they say has been used to spy on the Dalai Lama as well as the Indian government and military.